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Prayer and spiritual growth

Feeding My Soul with Agape, Counsel, and Mystery

Feeding My Soul is designed especially for you—the catechist. It names a catechetical value and gives you the words of prayer for your personal time with the Lord.

Teach Us to Pray

The question is often asked today, "Are we teaching our children, our young people, and our adults how to pray?"

Prayer to Share with Other Catechists

Lord, we gather with a common heritage—our faith. We gather with a common purpose—to teach that faith. As a small faith community, we pray for our...

Lent and the Call to Holiness

BY MARCELLINO D’AMBROSIO At age 16, I thought that aspiring to holiness was out of the question. If you really wanted to be holy, I thought,...

What Have We Missed? A Prayer Service for Lent

MARY McENTEE McGILL Ash Wednesday is a day when we are blessed with ashes and told to repent of our sins and believe the Good...

Lent: Time for a spiritual recharge for catechists

DREs and Parish Leaders, here are a few tips to strengthen your catechists: Highlight traditional practices of the season in a contemporary way to help...

Praying for Our Priests Craft

A reminder to pray for our parish priests by name SARA JONCKHEERE Priests need our prayers, but do we always remember to pray for...

Things to Pray about This Summer

Here we are—coming to the end of our learning year.

Advice from a Master Catechist: The Prayer to the Holy Spirit Explained

Question: Before Pentecost comes, I’d like my students to learn the Holy Spirit prayer (“Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful …”)....

The Serenity Prayer for Our Times of COVID-19

WILLIAM O’LEARY How many of you feel out of sorts with all this social distancing? It seems as if everyone’s schedules and routines are in...