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Prayer and spiritual growth

A Catechist’s Prayer Before Class

A beautiful prayer to help catechists prepare for each class time.

Create a Children’s Journey to the Cross

A meaningful way to involve children and their families in a special Good Friday tradition is to host a Children’s Journey to the Cross. This is a specially adapted Stations of the Cross in which children and their families participate together.

Living in the Between Times

Dag Hammerskjöld, twentieth-century diplomat and author, wrote a short prayer that is especially good for us to recall at this time of year: “For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, yes.”

Sharing Prayer

In recent weeks, you and the team have been preparing for the learning year ahead by reviewing texts and working on lesson plans. In this prayer, you will bless one another in a special way and profess your beliefs in the creed.

From Manger to Mission

Through Baptism, We Are Sent; Through Eucharist, We Are Nourished

Answering God’s Call to Service

Sometimes the sacredness of the work we do as catechists gets lost in the rush of fitting weekly lesson-planning and teaching into the rest of our busy lives. It is good to take time to remember that this work is rooted in a larger call to help build up the Body of Christ on earth.

Thanksgiving "Because" Litany

by staff Click here for a Thanksgiving litany. Copyright 2011, Bayard, Inc. All rights reserved. This article is protected by United States copyright and other...

Our Daily Response: April/May 2013

As catechists, we are conscientious about daily prayer—“conscientious” in that we want a discipline of daily prayer. We know our special gifts have been called to serve this ministry, we take our mission seriously, and so we are people of prayer.

Teach Us to Pray

The question is often asked today, "Are we teaching our children, our young people, and our adults how to pray?"

Entering, Blessing the Vineyard

May the Lord give strength to his people; may the Lord bless his people with peace (Psalm 29:11).