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Prayer and spiritual growth

From Manger to Mission

Through Baptism, We Are Sent; Through Eucharist, We Are Nourished

E-Book Offers 30 Days of Inspiration from Benedict XVI

PERFECT FOR THE PARISH OR PERSONAL USE! Throughout his papacy, the late Pope Benedict XVI promised to continue Pope John Paul II’s legacy of reaching...

Praying with Children at Home — Virtual Eucharistic Adoration

SR. NANCY USSELMANN, FSP We are living in unprecedented times. If you are in a state with the “stay at home” mandate because of COVID-19,...

The Sacraments of Christian Initiation—A Gathering Prayer

Here at CATECHIST we usually focus the January issue on our gift of the Sacraments.

An Attitude of Gratitude

You are generous and gracious, Lord and for that, my soul and heart are grateful all the days of my life. Thank you for the grace to proclaim your...

Lent and the Call to Holiness

BY MARCELLINO D’AMBROSIO At age 16, I thought that aspiring to holiness was out of the question. If you really wanted to be holy, I thought,...

The Lord’s Prayer during Lent

I recently saw in an art exhibit a gentle landscape in which gold leaf or paint was worked into the clouds of the sky and the hills of the earth

Alpha as the On-Ramp to Evangelization

A Profile on How a Growing Parish is Reaching Others for Christ DAN O’ROURKE Walter stands in front of the altar at our church, sharing his...

Bible 101

A helpful overview for reading the Bible CATHRYN TORGERSON Reading the Bible is a wonderful adventure! But sometimes it can leave us feeling a little lost,...

From Boredom to Wonder: Learning the art of prayer at Mass 

By Timothy P. O’Malley Catechists have often heard the complaint that the Mass is boring. Children and teens express their boredom directly through yawns or...