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Prayer and spiritual growth

Forgiveness: Asked and Offered — Excerpt from Finding Your Spiritual Direction as a Catechist

An excerpt from Finding Your Spiritual Direction as a Catechist By William B. Miller Chapter 7: Forgiveness If you were to ask a dozen people to give...

Sharing Prayer

In recent weeks, you and the team have been preparing for the learning year ahead by reviewing texts and working on lesson plans. In this prayer, you will bless one another in a special way and profess your beliefs in the creed.

What Have We Missed? A Prayer Service for Lent

MARY McENTEE McGILL Ash Wednesday is a day when we are blessed with ashes and told to repent of our sins and believe the Good...

Beginning a New Year—A Prayer Service for Catechists

ALICE ANN PFEIFER, CSA Even when we are fully committed to starting a new enterprise or returning to an old one, we may have ambivalent...

From Boredom to Wonder: Learning the art of prayer at Mass 

By Timothy P. O’Malley Catechists have often heard the complaint that the Mass is boring. Children and teens express their boredom directly through yawns or...

Prayer Before You Begin

Jesus, help us to awaken in others the memory of God. Help us to have a living relationship with You and with our neighbor....

Essential Mission: To Foster Your Students’ Life of Prayer

"How much can we really do with an hour a week?" laments the parish program catechist. "There's so much to teach. Where do I start?"

Feeding My Soul with Agape, Counsel, and Mystery

Feeding My Soul is designed especially for you—the catechist. It names a catechetical value and gives you the words of prayer for your personal time with the Lord.

Teach Us to Pray

The question is often asked today, "Are we teaching our children, our young people, and our adults how to pray?"

Praying for Our Priests Craft

A reminder to pray for our parish priests by name SARA JONCKHEERE Priests need our prayers, but do we always remember to pray for...