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Prayer and spiritual growth

Attending to Spiritual Direction: What it is — and how it helps

By Joy Davis “As she has always done, today the Church continues to recommend the practice of spiritual direction, not only to all those who...

Passing on the Joyful Encounter: The role of the catechist

BY BISHOP ROBERT MCMANUS, DIOCESE OF WORCESTER Pope Francis has repeatedly reminded the Church that the basis of all evangelization and catechesis is the proclamation...

Our Daily Response: April/May 2013

As catechists, we are conscientious about daily prayer—“conscientious” in that we want a discipline of daily prayer. We know our special gifts have been called to serve this ministry, we take our mission seriously, and so we are people of prayer.

Seek the Oasis

Fight or flight. This, we are taught, is our primitive and automatic response whenever perceiving an attack or threat.

Mothers’ Morning of Prayer

A Rosary-Based Prayer Group for Women PAT GOHN A prayerful friend and a good cup of coffee forever changed my experience of the Rosary. Years ago,...

From Manger to Mission

Through Baptism, We Are Sent; Through Eucharist, We Are Nourished

Bible 101

A helpful overview for reading the Bible CATHRYN TORGERSON Reading the Bible is a wonderful adventure! But sometimes it can leave us feeling a little lost,...

Praying amidst violence and strife — downloadable prayers to share

Recent news accounts have inspired members of our Bayard team to compose prayers to be shared. When events like the killings at the Tree of...

Prayer that Bears Fruit

How to abide in Christ through LOVE of the Word SONJA CORBITT Today’s catechists have access to more resources and training in Catholic ministry and formation...

Answering God’s Call to Service

Sometimes the sacredness of the work we do as catechists gets lost in the rush of fitting weekly lesson-planning and teaching into the rest of our busy lives. It is good to take time to remember that this work is rooted in a larger call to help build up the Body of Christ on earth.