Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Seven Ways to Create Presentations That Stick

Engage minds, refresh souls, make it a win for your audience LISA MLADINICH It’s five minutes to start time, as they file into the church hall...

Keeping Our Kids and Ourselves Safe

Tips for those in catechetical ministries MARY LOU ROSIEN Those of us in catechetical ministry are all aware of the pressures that exist in working for...

NEWS: Pope Francis establishes the lay ministry of Catechist

On May 10, 2021, Pope Francis promulgated an apostolic letter Antiquum Ministerium, (AM) Instituting the Ministry of Catechist. The role of discipleship and being a...

Be an Evangelizing Catechist!

As a catechist, you share the Good News of Christ with others.

Helping Children Discover Joy in the Hail Mary

Question: I love teaching young children their first prayers, especially the Hail Mary. Any advice for teaching them the meaning behind its words? VIRGINIA M. KIMBALL...

Teach Us to Pray

The question is often asked today, "Are we teaching our children, our young people, and our adults how to pray?"

Prayer to Share with Other Catechists

Lord, we gather with a common heritage—our faith. We gather with a common purpose—to teach that faith. As a small faith community, we pray for our...

Advice from a Master Catechist: Handling Resentment

Q: Many of the catechists in our program use their own financial resources to purchase things for their classrooms and students. One catechist in...

Vacation Bible School: Key Challenges and Manageable Solutions

Vacation Bible school provide a unique opportunity to reach out to children and families in your community.

The Real Presence of the Eucharist – Bishop Robert Barron (Video)

Bishop Robert Barron, from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and Word on Fire, with an important presentation on the Real Presence of Jesus in...