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Attending to Spiritual Direction: What it is — and how it helps

By Joy Davis “As she has always done, today the Church continues to recommend the practice of spiritual direction, not only to all those who...

Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue

By Susie Lloyd Catholics are big on Mary. We place her statue in our front yards, hang her rosary from our rearview mirrors, and wear...

10 Strategies for Lifelong Spiritual Learning

Here are ten strategies that keep you learning and help you explore learning opportunities. The list begins with ideas that will help keep you current and the required minimal time and cost. As your circumstances permit, you may wish to engage in a more extended or more formal experience.

Three Steps Toward Catechist Formation

By James Blankenship A DRE shares the impact of Sherry Weddell’s 'Forming Intentional Disciples' on his approach to catechist formation “Go, therefore, and make disciples of...

The Heart of the Message of Fatima

By Virginia M. Kimball Pray, fast, confess, receive the Eucharist, and be devoted to the Immaculate Heart ​One hundred years ago, in 1917, three years...

Effective Teaching: The Catholic Language of Mystery

By Joe Paprocki How Catholics rely on sacramentality to transcend words What is your native tongue? If you’re Catholic, your true “native tongue” is a language...

How to Organize the Best Vacation Bible School Team…Ever!

Pope Francis: “The Christian life is not limited to prayer, but requires an ongoing dedication and courage born of prayer.”

Holy Spirit: Gift and Giver

Sometimes a new thought, face, object, sound, or experience will call those ideas back. But there is one Gift we can always count on to call them back when we really need them—the Gift of the Holy Spirit that descended on the Church at Pentecost.

Effective Teaching: Following the Disciples’ Model

by Lee Danesco The resurrection and ascension of Jesus set off an immediate and unsettling chain reaction of shock, excitement, joy, and confusion among...

Catechist of the Month: Maureen Wills

by The staff of Catechist Catechist magazine is proud to recognize the outstanding work of exceptional catechists. In this section we highlight the lives...