Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Three Keys to Offering Catechesis for the Families (without overhauling your programming)

JARED DEES An increasing number of parishes are experimenting with new ways to engage entire families in children’s catechesis. We have long focused almost exclusively...

Replay of Pope Francis’ Urbi et Orbi Homily, Adoration, Benediction from St. Peter’s on...

Below is the link you need to read the Pope's message, prayers to end the COVID19 pandemic, and the blessing for the city and...

Consider Saints in Your VBS

The upcoming observance of the Feasts of All Saints provides an opportunity for you to consider including saints in your VBS next summer.

Jason Evert discusses homosexuality, gay marriage, and holiness

This is a powerful presentation. Recommended for teens, high school age and older. From the video's description on You Tube: "In this segment from Ascension's...

Catechesis and Persons with Disabilities

An excerpt from Salt and Light MAUREEN PRATT Catechesis is a must for all members of the body of Christ, including persons with disabilities. The...

Integrating Faith and Media Literacy

A digital strategy for becoming media mindful SR. NANCY USSELMANN, FSP Faced with a secularist culture and declining church attendance, the task of faith...

The Budget Crunch

DRE Data brings you concrete suggestions and up-to-date information and insight about parish catechetical leadership.

Evangelizing Parents: First Things First

As a parent myself, I know that parenting responsibilities are all-reaching and overwhelming. Parenting experts stress that if a child is to be healthy, then wholesome food must be served at home and exercise must be a part of family life. If a child is to become academically successful, the home is responsible for fostering a love of learning. Parents are called to lead by example.

Sacred Moments: The Liturgical Dimensions of Catholic Life

Pat Gohn Transitions … they are so much a part of our Catholic life. As we come to December, we experience the transition from fall...

Creeds: Words of Life-Giving Faith

Starting, if you will, with the name of God ("I believe in God the Father..."), Christian creeds articulate in concise, almost poetic form, some of the most fundamental of the saving and joyful truths that constitute the Christian faith. Such formulations have been around since the beginnings of Christianity.