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Advice from Master Catechists—September 2011

How do I respond to parents with a special request? What should I emphasize in an orientation meeting?

Until Christ be Formed in You

A new year of CATECHIST, and a new editor

Attending to Spiritual Direction: What it is — and how it helps

By Joy Davis “As she has always done, today the Church continues to recommend the practice of spiritual direction, not only to all those who...

The Catechist with a Green Halo

Using Aristotelian concepts as a teaching method AARON T. MARTIN One of the most beautiful churches in the country stands at Lexington Avenue and 66th Street...

An excerpt from The Way of Catechesis, by Gerard F. Baumbach

Looking Back 50 Years (or so) at the Documents that Guide Our Ministry An excerpt from The Way of Catechesis By Gerard F. Baumbach Five decades is...

No Tents on Tabor

One key to Lent is a journey from the mountaintop to the plain below.

YouTube Videos in Today’s Classroom

Tips for sharing safe, distraction-free video content ANNABEL DOTZMAN In our ever-changing world, technology continues to develop at a record pace. If we stop for a...

Scripture-based, Online Community for Catholic Women

A Profile of Blessed is She BETH DAVIS Blessed is She answered the call heralded by St. John Paul II to “look to the future with...

Calling Others to Decide for Christ

Catechists as Missionary Disciples Marcel LeJeune Imagine, for a moment, the perfect Catholic disciple. What would that person focus on? What would they be passionate about?...

God’s Sacramental Plan: Why we need the Sacraments and the Church

The big picture on why we need sacraments and the Church BY MARC CARDARONELLA Sacraments form the backbone of our religious formation programs. Parents celebrate them,...