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Effective Teaching: Following the Disciples’ Model

by Lee Danesco The resurrection and ascension of Jesus set off an immediate and unsettling chain reaction of shock, excitement, joy, and confusion among...

PDF: “Being versus Doing”: A Retreat for Catechists

Here's the PDF of this article that appeared in Catechist magazine, October, 2017. Click on the link below to open the PDF, then select print...

Oh, for the Help of an Angel! The Art of Selecting Catechetical Materials

Marge heaved the large storage box out of the back of her vintage Volvo station wagon.

A Compass: Implementing the Catechism

Two anniversaries of importance to the Catholic Church were marked on October 11, 2012. On that date, the Church celebrated both the fiftieth anniversary of the opening session of the Second Vatican Council and the twentieth anniversary of the publication, in French, of the original, provisional edition of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. To celebrate this anniversary, this article will provide a brief introduction to the Catechism (henceforth CCC), including its history, an overview of the CCC, and finally, suggestions on how it can be used most effectively within ministry.

Igniting the Fire of Faith

This Year of Faith is an invitation, not a command. It is not a time to complain that the Divine should take a more active role in the world, but that we should “make God credible in this world” (Fisichella). It’s more than being nice or doing one’s duty. It’s going to demand sacrifice, courage, and an enormous amount of energy—but probably not more than the original disciples needed in order to follow the Great Commission. They may have been the first to witness like their hair was on fire.

Profound Respect for the Dignity of Human Life

A continuing series on ways to instill a robust Catholic identity in those we teach BY JOE PAPROCKI In our exploration of Catholic identity in this...

A Statement from our parent company, Bayard Inc. : Responding to the Sexual Abuse...

The past month has been a difficult and sad one for the Church in America and for all Catholics. With the resignation from the...

Inspiring Mission with Saints and Service

Question: How can I describe to my fourth grade class what it means to be a missionary disciple? How can they practice being on...

God is Love

Reflections on Catholic Social Teaching and Catechesis in Our Day TIMOTHY P. O'MALLEY In catechetical textbooks the formal study of doctrine is often separated from immersion...

VBS: A Gift to Your Parish

Vacation Bible School has become a fruitful blessing to the Catholic Church in recent years. Once seen as a Protestant tradition, numerous Catholic publishers now provide informative and exciting thematic materials that celebrate great stories of the Bible and tenets of our Catholic faith. Today, most diocesan offices make recommendations for resources, and parishes can find online catalogs from their favorite publishers.