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The Heartbreak of Suicide: Suggestions for Parishes, and Resources to Bookmark

PAT GOHN For many of us in catechetical settings in churches or schools, it is normal to encounter the daily hurts and struggles of the...

Celebrate the Sacrament of Matrimony

JOHN BOSIO When I think of the sacrament of matrimony, the first image that comes to mind is that of a wedding. Weddings are joyous...

PAUL VI—Saint for the New Evangelization

CHRISTOPER KLOFFT On Oct. 14, 2018, Pope Paul VI will be canonized by Pope Francis. St. Paul VI will enter the ranks not only of the...

Ways to Help Children Grieve

We can help students grieve in healthy ways by offering them faith-based activities that help them draw strength and healing from their Catholic faith and the faith community.

What’s a Catechetical Leader to Do? #COVID-19 Crisis

A very short time ago, we might not have imagined our regional situations changing this much due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus...

VBS: A Gift to Your Parish

Vacation Bible School has become a fruitful blessing to the Catholic Church in recent years. Once seen as a Protestant tradition, numerous Catholic publishers now provide informative and exciting thematic materials that celebrate great stories of the Bible and tenets of our Catholic faith. Today, most diocesan offices make recommendations for resources, and parishes can find online catalogs from their favorite publishers.

How Catholics of the Past Lived When Deprived of the Mass

By William O’Leary Millions of Catholics in the United States and elsewhere are currently are not able to attend Mass and receive Jesus in Holy...

Collaborate with Faith Formation Leaders

6 ways youth ministers and DREs (and others) can form mutually enriching bonds BECKY GROTH Being the youth minister at a parish, whether paid or volunteer,...

Leading DRE: Improving Communications with Parents

A bridge for relationship and growth COLLEEN R. VERMEULEN As catechetical leaders, we experience firsthand the reality that “parents are the principal and first educators of...

Create a Children’s Journey to the Cross

A meaningful way to involve children and their families in a special Good Friday tradition is to host a Children’s Journey to the Cross. This is a specially adapted Stations of the Cross in which children and their families participate together.