Friday, July 19, 2019
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Using Digital Media in Ministry

ERIC GROTH Nothing in history has so rapidly revolutionized the way we communicate as social media. Today's online world is a quite sobering social reality,...

Parish leader: “I built it and they didn’t come.”

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, programs fail. Our great ideas are overlooked. What we think should matter to people doesn't. Rather than jumping to...

Spirituality and Religion: Challenges and Opportunities

Recent media coverage about the Catholic Church does not inspire confidence.

This Supreme Duty: Missionary Initiative

The Church’s Function in Every Age is to Direct Others to Christ PAT GOHN Years before the third millennium, St. John Paul II shared a vision...

Destination: Vatican City—A Tour for Junior-High Students

Although the home of the worldwide Catholic Church is the Vatican, the only thing that most of our students know about this ancient yet very modern city is that it is where the pope lives.

Integrating Catechesis into Youth Ministry

Catechesis balances program offerings of evangelization and service ERIC GROTH Good youth ministry is comprehensive. Done well, it integrates opportunities to evangelize, form, and serve. We...

Scripture-based, Online Community for Catholic Women

A Profile of Blessed is She BETH DAVIS Blessed is She answered the call heralded by St. John Paul II to “look to the future with...

Why Do We Call It “Mass?”

Learn the meaning of the Latin phrase Ite, missa est SUSIE LLOYD Did you ever wonder where the word Mass comes from? The answer has been...

YouTube Videos in Today’s Classroom

Tips for sharing safe, distraction-free video content ANNABEL DOTZMAN In our ever-changing world, technology continues to develop at a record pace. If we stop for a...

Best Practices for Teaching Religion

In many ways, catechesis is a lot like parenting.