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From Manger to Mission

Through Baptism, We Are Sent; Through Eucharist, We Are Nourished

Advice from a Master Catechist: Understanding Relics

Question: The Catholic newspaper in my area has been advertising different opportunities to venerate a certain saint’s relics that will be traveling to our...

Five Ways to Use Manuals to the Max

Simply providing information does not necessarily assure faith formation. Similarly, simply providing a catechist with a manual does not necessarily assure that he or...

Helping Students and Families Learn About Purgatory 

BY SUSAN TASSONE  Purgatory — a masterpiece of God’s mercy It’s no small wonder that coming up with a lesson plan on purgatory can be challenging....

Teaching Students with Special Needs

BY PAM SCHIFFBAUER Pope Francis has called the Catholic Church to be a welcoming Church. As we welcome our students into our religious education classes,...

Advice from a Master Catechist: 4 Skills for Scripture Study

Question: I’m a catechist, yet I’m still new to Bible study. What advice do you have to help increase my devotion to Scripture? —...

Catechist Honors Program

Catechist magazine would like to say “thank you” to catechists around the country for answering the call to share the Good News.

Prayer Before You Begin

Jesus, help us to awaken in others the memory of God. Help us to have a living relationship with You and with our neighbor....

Partners in Discipleship: Youth Ministry and Religious Education

The reality is that effective youth ministry engages in catechesis, and transformative catechesis embodies comprehensive youth ministry. When we erase these perceived separations, we come to the realization that fruitful partnerships can be fostered so that young people move seamlessly between the variety of ministries in our parish—growing in faith because of the unique gifts that each person brings to each experience.

All Things New – a new year

BY PAT GOHN For the Christian, everything’s new Newness is a hallmark of our lives—and a source of joy. As most of the world awakens to...