Sunday, July 5, 2020

Faith Formation for a New Era

BY JOHN ROBERTO “We are not living an era of change but a change of era.” (Pope Francis, November 10, 2015) Every parish community wants vibrant,...

The Relevancy of Saints

CARRIE SALLWASSER “Saints preserve us!” I suppose I’m showing my age when I admit that I’m familiar with the use of that acclamation. I know it...

Our Lady of Fatima Inspires Us: Children ARE Ready for the Faith

PAT GOHN Some adults fear that children are too young to handle the responsibilities of knowing good from evil and developing a spiritual life of...

The Family that Prays Together Stays Together

SUSIE LLOYD There’s a famous saying, “The family that prays together stays together.” My parents had this quote on a plaque hanging on the wall...

Advice from a Master Catechist: Tips For Personal Spiritual Growth

Question: As a catechist, I’ve been learning so much about the faith, which makes me want to dive deeper into my relationship with the...

Be a Hero in the Life of Your Students

In the years since the start of the new millennium, we have learned a lot about how to keep our children safe.

Integrating Catechesis into Youth Ministry

Catechesis balances program offerings of evangelization and service ERIC GROTH Good youth ministry is comprehensive. Done well, it integrates opportunities to evangelize, form, and serve. We...

The Sacraments: Things to Get or Encounters to Enter

Parents often think that the Sacraments are "things to get" for their children.

The Gift of Song

Teaching traditional Christmas songs, along with the stories that are enfolded in the lyrics, can turn out to be a favorite lesson each year. This is true, of course, for the songs of Advent and Lent.

Teaching Students to Show Reverence at Mass

The Mass is rich with tradition and meaning.