Saturday, July 4, 2020

Feeding My Soul with Agape, Counsel, and Mystery

Feeding My Soul is designed especially for you—the catechist. It names a catechetical value and gives you the words of prayer for your personal time with the Lord.

Advice from Master Catechists—April/May 2013

Master catechists respond to questions from readers.

The Serenity Prayer for Our Times of COVID-19

WILLIAM O’LEARY How many of you feel out of sorts with all this social distancing? It seems as if everyone’s schedules and routines are in...

Yes, you can be a catechist!

Answering the common excuses and fears of being a teacher

Live in the Kingdom of God

by Joe Paprocki In Chicago, where I live, you don't go to someone's home; you go "by" their home. In Hawaii, elderly women are referred...

Interview with Dr. Peter Kreeft: Jesus, A Shocking Savior (28-min. video)

A few years back, renown author and professor of philosophy, Dr. Peter Kreeft, wrote a book, Jesus Shock. Learn about salvation and the most...

Developing a Top-Notch RCIA Team

The first of a two-part series. For Part 2, click here. VIRGINIA LIETO Since 2017, I have helped my parish’s RCIA program move from the school-year...

Things to Pray about This Summer

Here we are—coming to the end of our learning year.

Laborers for the Harvest: Fostering Vocations

Every Christian has a vocation from God. A vocation is a special call that indicates a certain way that a disciple should follow the Lord. As a community of faith, we believe and rejoice in this important claim. It is a claim born from the Church’s encounter and reflection on the words and works of God. As Christians, therefore, it is essential that we speak and teach about vocations.

Living as Missionary Disciples — by Bishop Robert J. McManus

Being Urged on By the Love of Christ Bishop Robert J. McManus “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the...