Friday, June 18, 2021

CATECHIST INDEPTH Catechesis and the Domestic Church

The Saints Alive in the Domestic Church

Saint Bingo

by Virginia Prisco for 15 saint biographies you might want to use for Saint Bingo. Saints are men and women who were remarkable in...

Faith in Facts for Young Learners — Saints

Do you know these facts about the saints? Read each statement and circle the letter next to the word or phrase that makes the statement a fact. Before you begin, fold the bottom of the page up to the dotted line. That way, you cannot see the answers until you’re ready to check your facts. Have fun and learn!

Selecting a Patron Saint for Your Classroom

Picking a patron saint for your classroom can be a great way to engage students in learning and praying with the saints.

A Family Together: Who Wants to Be a Saint?

Use this activity to teach children about the lives of saints.

Saint Marianne Cope of Molokai

If you'd like a patron saint for when you're slacking off, look no further than the newly canonized Franciscan sister of Syracuse, New York: St. Marianne Cope (1838-1918; canonized October 21, 2012; feast day, January 23). She is famous for nursing lepers in Hawaii after St. Damien caught the disease, but there's much more. Sister Marianne's stamina and dedication were remarkable. And she was a catechist--one who believed that the gospel in action speaks louder than words.

A Wolf at the Door

Francis has been called the universal saint because almost every religious tradition recognizes and honors him. Of all the stories and legends that swirl around this great saint, one of my favorites is the story of St. Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio. It is particularly meaningful for me as a parable of true discipleship for our times.

Prayer to St. Joseph, Our Guide and Protector

Prepare your prayer space with a table display that includes a Bible; a small flag of your country; a parish bulletin; a picture of St. Joseph or a hammer or other tool; a picture of the Holy Family; and a lighted candle. Divide your group into two. Group One will read the summary from Scripture, and Group Two will reflect on it. All will respond "St. Joseph, pray for us."

Good Morning, Joe!

Hidden in the midst of March and surrounded by the purple of Lent is the feast of another Joe—St. Joseph. There is very little about St. Joseph in the Gospels. He is important to the Infancy Narratives—obviously. But much of the lore of St. Joseph comes from apocryphal writings and legend. We all have seen the statues and holy cards representing Joseph as an old man carrying a staff with lilies blooming from its top.

Celebrating Saint…John Neumann

Served Others Feast day: January 5