Saturday, February 29, 2020

Prayer to St. Joseph, Our Guide and Protector

Prepare your prayer space with a table display that includes a Bible; a small flag of your country; a parish bulletin; a picture of St. Joseph or a hammer or other tool; a picture of the Holy Family; and a lighted candle. Divide your group into two. Group One will read the summary from Scripture, and Group Two will reflect on it. All will respond "St. Joseph, pray for us."

Yes You Can—Teach About the Holy Spirit: Saul to Paul

The link between the Holy Spirit and conversion LYNN WEHNER Recently, on January 25, our liturgical calendar celebrated Paul’s dramatic conversion on the way to Damascus...

Saint Bingo

by Virginia Prisco for 15 saint biographies you might want to use for Saint Bingo. Saints are men and women who were remarkable in...

Why Saints?

Saints are found in every part of Catholic life. If we lose something we invoke St. Anthony.

The Assistance of Saints

These are extremely difficult financial times for many people. Many of us and our friends, spouses, and other family members are being called to shift our lives—and in the call to do that, we pray for assistance.

Use this video to encourage listeners to become saints

This powerful talk by Chris Stefanik, given to young adults at FOCUS' SEEK 2015 conference is titled "Saint (Insert Your Name Here)". It calls...

Saint Costume Ideas (All Saints Day, Halloween)

Great ideas here. Some simple, some more complex.

A Family Together: Who Wants to Be a Saint?

Use this activity to teach children about the lives of saints.

Good Morning, Joe!

Hidden in the midst of March and surrounded by the purple of Lent is the feast of another Joe—St. Joseph. There is very little about St. Joseph in the Gospels. He is important to the Infancy Narratives—obviously. But much of the lore of St. Joseph comes from apocryphal writings and legend. We all have seen the statues and holy cards representing Joseph as an old man carrying a staff with lilies blooming from its top.

Meet the Saints

A Family Together - October 2010