Thursday, July 18, 2024

Celebrating Saint…John Neumann

Served Others Feast day: January 5

The Assistance of Saints

These are extremely difficult financial times for many people. Many of us and our friends, spouses, and other family members are being called to shift our lives—and in the call to do that, we pray for assistance.

Think of God—Like the Saints

Sitting in the dentist's chair waiting to have a tooth pulled, I used my time to do some meditating from a favorite daily prayer guide. The title of that day's mediation was "The Golden Key." It said that when things get difficult, don't think of the difficulty. Think of God.

Why Saints?

Saints are found in every part of Catholic life. If we lose something we invoke St. Anthony.

Saint Christopher Seeks Jesus

There are many legends about St. Christopher (c. third century), but there is very little historical evidence of him.

St. Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe

The objective of this activity is to learn about Our Lady of Guadalupe (whose feast day is December 12) and St. Juan Diego (whose feast day is December 9) and to have students retell the story with wooden-spoon puppets.

Meet the Saints

A Family Together - October 2010