Monday, December 9, 2019

Sacraments: Christ at Work Among Us

People all over Palestine knew Jesus as a powerful healer and preacher. He eventually empowered his Apostles and their successors to continue his saving work. The Seven Sacraments we celebrate today are, at their core, ways in which Christ continues to heal and save his people.

The Fire of the Holy Spirit: A craft to support a lesson on Confirmation

BY SARA JONCKHEERE In Confirmation we are called to live out our Catholic faith, enriched by the special strength of the Holy Spirit. We are...

Sacrament Activity Pages for Students and Families

JEAN LARKIN Here are three reproducible activity pages from our archives that you can use with your students when teaching about the Sacraments. Perfect to...

Confirmation: A 6-minute video from Catholic Central

The who, what, and why of the sacrament of Confirmation, told succinctly and with humor. Suitable for all ages. From the team at Catholic Central. Image...

The Eucharist Unites Heaven and Earth

A Craft to Support a Lesson on the Eucharist Sara Jonckheere Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist. We hear it over and over, and we...

Loaves and Fish: Eucharistic Generosity

Who doesn't like food?

The Liturgist as Catechist: An Interview

Catechists aren’t liturgists! Yet, the National Directory for Catechesis tells us that catechists are called to promote “an active, conscious genuine participation in the liturgy of the Church, not merely by explaining the meaning of the ceremonies, but also by forming the minds of the faithful for prayer…” (n. 20, #2).

Teaching the Sacraments: The Heart of the Matter

The Seven Sacraments make up a central and unifying aspect of our Catholic Christian identity.

First Reconciliation Prayer Bracelet

DIANE QUINTAL Children preparing for First Reconciliation at St. Stephen the First Martyr parish make Prayer Bracelets to encourage them to learn their prayers and...

Sacrament Memories

Some people write down their memories of special moments in life.