Saturday, June 25, 2022

Lenten Practices

A Family Together - February 2012

Beyond Service Projects: Cultivating the Call to Care

We are born selfish. Psychologists call it "egocentricity," and it's a good thing. It enables infants to get their needs met—for hunger to be satisfied, for thirst to be slaked.

Celebrating Saint Scholastica

Dedicated to God Feast Day: February 10

Advice from Master Catechists—February 2012

How can our class fast together during Lent? How is having students pray at home as part of a lesson on prayer a good idea, a bad idea?

Celebrating Saint Joseph Moscati

Doctor to the Poor, Feast Day: November 16

Celebrating Saint Gaetano Errico

Shared the Good News Feast Day: October 29

Holy Days

A Family Together October 2011

Celebrating Saint Emilie de Rodat: Loved God and Others

Feast Day: September 19

Celebrating Saint Julie Billiart

Witness to God's Love Feast Day: April 8

Celebrating Saint Luigi Orione

Brought Hope to Others; Feast day: March 12