Monday, May 17, 2021

A Lent-Easter Wreath

A Lent-Easter wreath can help students pray through Lent—the same way an Advent wreath helps students pray through Advent—and celebrate Easter.

Celebrating Saint Brigid of Kildare: Person of Compassion

Feast Day: February 1

Lenten Disciplines for Junior High Students

For the past six years, I've looked forward to class with my seventh-grade students the week before Ash Wednesday—because old ideas become new again each year.

Scrapbooking through Lent

If you are willing to use a creative and entertaining teaching tool to present a serious and sacred season, then you are invited to try scrapbooking through Lent.

Celebrating Saint André Bessette

Servant of Others Feast Day: January 6

Advent—A Time to Prepare

A group activity for the family at home or your class family.

Celebrating Saint Catherine Laboure

Miraculous Medal Feast day: November 28

Celebrating Saint Paul of the Cross—October 20

Preached the Good News Feast Day: October 20

Celebrating Saint Damien De Veuster—May 10

Servant of the Sick Feast Day: May 10

Celebrating Saint John of God—March 8

Hope of the sick Feast Day: March 8