Sunday, March 29, 2020

Catholic I.Q. — Advent and Christmas Seasons

Here’s a 20-question quiz on the Advent and Christmas seasons. It contains sample questions such as: Jesus' first visitors were ___________. There are ___...

Advent Prep for Digital Disciples

Resources to enhance the Advent journey SR. CAROLINE CERVENY Prepare for the Nativity of Jesus using resources from the digital world that surrounds us. Enhance the...


BY DOBIE MOSER The Holy Family inspires trust, courage, and obedience on the path to holiness Married couples often look back at their wedding day and...

Myrrh-Bearing Women

It is hard to imagine what the state of catechetical ministry would be without today’s reincarnation of the myrrh-bearing women. In your vocation, you help to overturn the banishment of the children of Eve and offer the soothing ointment of the Gospel.

We Gather to Pray: Living the Joy of the Gospel

A few months ago, Pope Francis addressed Christians with a new document on the joy of the Gospel. As we celebrate this glorious season of Easter, there is no finer time to take his message to heart. Today’s prayer service is based on two key passages of Evangelii gaudium. It also includes private reflection and shared prayer.

A Family Together: Three Lenten Practices

Wednesday, February 18, is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. During Lent we make extra efforts to follow Jesus as we remember the days leading up to his crucifixion and death. There are many ways to do this, but there are three special ways we do this. Begin with the first letter, indicated by the arrow, and write that letter and every other letter on the lines given as you go around the circle. Keep going until you’ve run out of letters. You will discover these three special ways you can celebrate Lent.

Celebrating Saint Joseph of Cupertino

People in Cupertino, Italy, just shook their heads when Joseph was around because he had difficulty completing tasks. Much of the time he forgot what he was supposed do. He often stared off into space. Other children made fun of him. Everyone thought he was clumsy and forgetful.

A Jesse Tree That’s Not Just for Christmas

SR. LOU ELLA HICKMAN, IWBS Plan ahead to recycle your tree for use all year! When you take down your Jesse tree after Christmas, have you...

Catholic I.Q.—Quiz Mash-Up: A little on Lent, a little on Youth Ministry

Fun facts about Lent and Youth Ministry DAVID O’BRIEN Here’s a 20-question mash-up quiz combining Lent and Youth Ministry. It contains sample questions such as: ______________...

Celebrate Your Family on All Saints Day! (A free download!)

CONNIE CLARK  Have you ever been to a family reunion? You might play games, eat delicious food, and meet relatives you’ve only seen in pictures....