Monday, May 23, 2022

Fasting and Feasting – a prayer service for Lent

Marc Cardaronella Lent is a time of fasting. But it can also be more: Lent can be a time of feasting — on positive spiritual...

Advice from Master Catechists—November/December 2014

by Janet Schaeffler, Dan Thomas, Kate Ristow, and Chris WeberAdvent Colors Why is violet the liturgical color for Advent—a color for penance—when the season...

Faith in Facts for Young Learners — Advent and Christmas

Do you know these facts about Advent and Christmas? Read each statement and circle the letter next to the word or phrase that makes the statement a fact. Before you begin, fold the bottom of the page up to the dotted line. That way, you cannot see the Answers until you’re ready to check your facts. Have fun and learn!

Celebrating Saint Maria Josefa of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Maria Josefa was a person of compassion; she dedicated her life to caring for people who were sick. She wanted to help them deal with the challenges of being ill at home and in the hospital.

Double-Espresso Disciples of a Decaf God

Generally, I am a very patient person. Or at least so I thought. I felt I was ready for all that life brings in a big city—until I moved to D.C.


BY DOBIE MOSER The Holy Family inspires trust, courage, and obedience on the path to holiness Married couples often look back at their wedding day and...

The Lights of Advent for Your Students and Their Families

At this time of year, our thoughts, time, and energy turn toward preparing for the holiday season.

Catholic Inventory: Where is Faith in Your Home?

We see our faith expressed at home in many ways—in the things we see around the house, and in the things we do. How much of your faith is in your home?

Pope Francis adds Sunday of the Word of God to the Church calendar

On 1600th anniversary of St. Jerome's feast day, Pope Francis issued a new moto proprio titled Aperuit Illis, and invited the world's Catholics to contemplate...

A Jesse Tree That’s Not Just For Christmas

Plan Ahead to Recycle your Tree for use all Year SR. LOU ELLA HICKMAN When you take down your Jesse tree after Christmas, have you ever...