Sunday, December 15, 2019

A Family Together: Christmas Presence

The word Christmas often brings to mind the word presents. Of course, Christmas IS a time when we give and receive presents. Christmas presents are one of the symbols of the season, which celebrates a very special presence—Jesus in our midst! Here are some other words we associate with the Advent and Christmas Seasons. Using a green highlighter or crayon, mark each word or words in this grid. When you finish, you will have created a familiar symbol of Christmas. Then add final touches to the symbol, especially one at the top!

Celebrating Saint Joseph Moscati

Doctor to the Poor, Feast Day: November 16

Meeting at the Well

As catechists, we come up short if all we transmit to our students is the content of the Catechism. We need also to convey gospel attitudes.

Our Earthly Home, Our Heavenly Home

by Jeanne Heiberg Serenity, peace, security, relaxation, comfort, loving parents, siblings, love, joy: These are some of the words people responded with when I...

Catholic I.Q. — Lent and Easter

Review facts about the liturgical calendar and more DAVID O’BRIEN Here’s a 20-question quiz on Lent and Easter. It contains sample questions such as: “The Spirit...

Celebrating the Season of Hope

KATE RISTOW Waiting, especially at this time of the year, is a concept children understand. From our youngest students to even the most blasé junior...

Engage Students in Advent by Creating a Blog

SR. CAROLINE CERVENY, SSJ-TOSF Advent can be a busy season of parties and shopping. It also presents creative opportunities to reflect on the meaning of...

Celebrating Saint Marguerite d’Youville

Marguerite helped care for those who were sick and living in poverty. She shared God’s love with everyone, even with those who were against her.

Living the Liturgical Year: Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12

What do you need? Tell Our Lady of Guadalupe! CONNIE CLARK What if someone told you to go to city hall and tell the mayor to...

Celebrating Saint Maria Josefa of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Maria Josefa was a person of compassion; she dedicated her life to caring for people who were sick. She wanted to help them deal with the challenges of being ill at home and in the hospital.