Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Who Is Knocking at Our Door?

I had never heard of the Mexican tradition of Las Posadas until I served in a tri-lingual parish that worked very hard at incorporating different ethnic customs into the community's prayer life.

Consider Saints in Your VBS

The upcoming observance of the Feasts of All Saints provides an opportunity for you to consider including saints in your VBS next summer.

Advice from Master Catechists—October 2010

What should I do if a catechist is not prepared when she comes to class? What could I say to a student who thinks our Perpetual Adoration Chapel is "stupid"?

Best Practices for Teaching Religion

In many ways, catechesis is a lot like parenting.

Helping Teens Understand Catholic Social Teaching

Why is it so difficult to interest teens in Catholic social teaching?

Advice from Master Catechists—September 2010

How can I be less resistant to our new text? What's a quick-and-easy review for the beginning of the learning year?

Be an Evangelizing Catechist!

As a catechist, you share the Good News of Christ with others.


"I love doing brochures or certificates on the computer. I feel like I can be creative." Does that sound familiar? I heard it twice recently, once from a former director of religious education and once from a Catholic-school principal.

The Beatitudes: An Introduction

Every time I think of the Sermon on the Mount, I am reminded of two quotes.

Things to Pray about This Summer

Here we are—coming to the end of our learning year.