Saturday, June 6, 2020

Our Vocation and Calling: A Gift from God

Having a special purpose in life—a calling, a vocation—is a gift from God that comes with our birth and our Baptism. It’s a privilege—and it’s well worth our time and effort to discover and prepare for our vocation in life. We are not likely to be completely happy and fulfilled until we realize what our vocation is and follow it.

Your Space: Called to Be Saints

The learning area needs to inspire and engage your students. Here is an idea for how to decorate and arrange your learning space and prayer table for October.

Catch-Up Catechesis

Being a co-worker in God’s vineyard requires us to adapt to the many different families who come to us seeking religious formation. We must consistently put Christian charity first. In this way, we can be beautiful branches on his vine.

Your Space: Open with WELCOME

The learning area needs to express warmth and welcome to your students. Here is an idea for how to decorate and arrange your learning space and prayer table for September.

Sharing Prayer

In recent weeks, you and the team have been preparing for the learning year ahead by reviewing texts and working on lesson plans. In this prayer, you will bless one another in a special way and profess your beliefs in the creed.

A Catechist’s Prayer Before Class

A beautiful prayer to help catechists prepare for each class time.

¡Gloria a Dios en las alturas!

The period from September 15 to October 15 has been set aside to honor and celebrate Hispanic heritage. It is a very good time for all of us who share the catechetical ministry to learn more about how this heritage is forming and enriching our local churches.

Teaching Reconciliation in the Year of Faith

With the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation (Confession), we grow as we go, confident in God's care. No need to expect perfection by next Friday. "Every saint has a past," as the saying goes, "and every sinner has a future."

Finding a Home

Sacrament preparation is one of the best opportunities the Church has to welcome families and convince them they are in need of a permanent residence. Offering them a listening presence, moments of renewal and growth, and opportunities to discover their own needs for a more spacious place to live may result in a new spiritual home for them.

Creeds: Words of Life-Giving Faith

Starting, if you will, with the name of God ("I believe in God the Father..."), Christian creeds articulate in concise, almost poetic form, some of the most fundamental of the saving and joyful truths that constitute the Christian faith. Such formulations have been around since the beginnings of Christianity.