Thursday, July 2, 2020

A Catechist’s Prayer Before Class

A beautiful prayer to help catechists prepare for each class time.

¡Gloria a Dios en las alturas!

The period from September 15 to October 15 has been set aside to honor and celebrate Hispanic heritage. It is a very good time for all of us who share the catechetical ministry to learn more about how this heritage is forming and enriching our local churches.

Teaching Reconciliation in the Year of Faith

With the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation (Confession), we grow as we go, confident in God's care. No need to expect perfection by next Friday. "Every saint has a past," as the saying goes, "and every sinner has a future."

Finding a Home

Sacrament preparation is one of the best opportunities the Church has to welcome families and convince them they are in need of a permanent residence. Offering them a listening presence, moments of renewal and growth, and opportunities to discover their own needs for a more spacious place to live may result in a new spiritual home for them.

Creeds: Words of Life-Giving Faith

Starting, if you will, with the name of God ("I believe in God the Father..."), Christian creeds articulate in concise, almost poetic form, some of the most fundamental of the saving and joyful truths that constitute the Christian faith. Such formulations have been around since the beginnings of Christianity.

My Neighbor’s Faith

That does not mean we need to live in a world of religious animosity. Part of our catechetical task is to put our lessons on the Catholic faith into a real-world context. A major part of the context is the simple fact that our neighbors may not believe what we believe or understand the world the way we do.

Continuing Your Catechetical Education: Questions to Consider

I believe a catechist should be willing to respond to any question he or she poses to others. What follows are my reflections on these four questions.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Catechist in Chief

by Kate Ristow for a worksheet to help older students learn about the mission and ministry of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Shortly after...

The Joy of Love: Encountering Jesus

As we celebrate the Year of Faith, let us position the Church to engage not only the older generations but the emerging generations that are asking different questions and have different expectations.

How to Start a Catechist Book and Media Club

One of the difficult things for volunteer catechists to do is find time to read catechetical or theological material. After all, catechists are busy people. They often have families, jobs, and household responsibilities, and, of course, they generously volunteer their time to be catechists. A book and media club might be one way to help catechists reflect on their experiences of faith. It might also be a way to help them develop a sense of community among themselves.