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Advice from Master Catechists—April/May 2012

Master Catechists answer questions from readers

He Is the Vine, We Are the Branches

Each time I drive to do my shopping at the closest supermarket, I pass a yard with reminders of a food source far more ancient than the packaged presentations or aisles of produce that I will find at the supermarket: a vineyard. The grapevines I pass are reminders and symbols from my own past, and from the past of the Church that I dearly love.

The Big Picture: Teaching About God’s Plan

It's not unusual for us catechists to get tunnel vision—to become so caught up in successfully teaching each individual chapter in our texts that students are not able to see the forest for the trees. In other words, we are not always as effective as we could be in helping kids see the big picture—God's plan for all people—and the relationship between each lesson and God's plan.

The Teen Influence

I have often reflected on the story of the young Jesus teaching in the Temple. "And all who heard him were astounded at his understanding and his answers" (Luke 2:47). The wisdom of the youthful Jesus comes to mind when I consider the controversy over what age one should be before he or she can take on the full responsibility of being a catechist.

Blessing Our Own Formation

Our roles in catechetics have changed over the years. Decades ago, lay parish leaders of religious education and catechists primarily were faithful volunteers willing to give of their time and energies to assist in helping children learn about Jesus throughout the school year. Today, men and women are trained to be pastoral leaders, directors of religious education, and catechists. Their own faith formation is as important as that of the people to whom they minister.

Inspiration for February

February is always a difficult month for me. The days pass slowly, making it a hard month in which to enjoy life and get energized about things.

Spirituality and Popular Culture

Any discussion of spirituality and popular culture requires a detailed consideration of the nature and function of popular culture.

Advice from Master Catechists—November/December 2011

by Dan Thomas, Kate Ristow, Chris Weber, and Sr. Janet SchaefflerShould I ask for the gift of going to Mass? Q: Week after week,...

10 Strategies for Lifelong Spiritual Learning

Here are ten strategies that keep you learning and help you explore learning opportunities. The list begins with ideas that will help keep you current and the required minimal time and cost. As your circumstances permit, you may wish to engage in a more extended or more formal experience.

An Introduction to Great Spiritual Classics

This article considers how a few people—recognized by the Church as remarkably helpful—responded to the call of the Spirit in and around themselves and left us some significant reflections, directions, and experiences that can guide and stimulate us in our days.