Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Word of God and Mary of Nazareth

Dei Verbum. "The Word of God" is the title for the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation.

Teach Us to Pray

The question is often asked today, "Are we teaching our children, our young people, and our adults how to pray?"

Faith Formation Opportunities

We catechists are busy people, generous with our time. Still, we want to expand our spiritual horizons, as Isaiah counsels in this Scripture passage.

Service, Nourishment, Commitment: Teaching about Holy Thursday

Our students miss so much of the richness and meaning of Christ's passion, death, and Resurrection if we neglect to teach them about Holy Thursday and the other celebrations of the Triduum.

The Search for Silence

"Keep quiet." "Be still." "No talking."

A Lenten Mailbox for Catechists

Our hard-working editor at CATECHIST, Kass Dotterweich, takes great care to reply directly to the countless questions we get annually from our readers about teaching and helping students live the Catholic faith.

What Have We Missed?

by Mary McEntee McGill Ash Wednesday is a day when we are blessed with ashes and told to repent of our sins and believe...

Advice from Master Catechists – February 2010

Are there problems with a child from another denomination attending our RE classes? Can we pray for the soldiers of our enemies?

Your Faith as Salt of the Earth

We are called to be salt of the earth. We are sent to be Christ's light in the world.

Vacation Bible School: Key Challenges and Manageable Solutions

Vacation Bible school provide a unique opportunity to reach out to children and families in your community.