“Shaping the Future of Catechesis Together” Webinar Series

20 juin 2010 : Intéieur de l'abbatiale. Eglise cistercienne romane. Abbaye de Fontenay, Marmagne, Bourgogne (21), France. June 20, 2010: Church. Fontenay Abbey, Marmagne, Burgundy (21), France.
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The past year and a half have been challenging for anyone involved in catechesis. It has also opened doors to new ways of approaching the ministry and the programs it entails. To help parishes unravel both the possibilities and challenges that the pandemic has raised—loss of leaders, participants, and catechists; the challenges and opportunities posed by virtual classes; uncertainty about how and when to gather back together again at the parish—Twenty-Third Publications and Pflaum Publishing Group are offering a series of interactive webinars with and for catechetical leaders across the country.

Going Backwards to Go Forwards
Thursday, September 16 at 1 p.m. Eastern Time
We begin with an initial conversation around lessons learned from COVID times and how those might steer us in a renewed direction for what comes next.


Bill has held positions as a Diocesan Religious Education Consultant, a Diocesan Director of Religious Education, and a College Campus Minister. He is author of Finding Your Spiritual Direction as a Catechist (Twenty-Third Publications).

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Mark your calendars for future webinars in this series:

  • Thursday, October 21: Family Connections with Connie Clark
  • Thursday, November 11: Catechetical Old School with Lee Danesco
  • Thursday, January 13: If the Tech Fits, Do It with Denise Utter
  • Thursday, February 10: Moving Forward with Kathy Hendricks

Image credit: Richard BOUTIN/CIRIC, Lifetouch Inc.

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