Saturday, June 25, 2022

Catechists as Storytellers (with the help of easy-to-use digital tools)

SR. CAROLINE CERVENY God stories surround us! We hear Scripture weekly on Sunday. When we gather for family events we hear stories about our parents,...

Poster Child for Divine Mercy — the inspirational testimony of Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC

Poster Child for Divine Mercy -- the testimony of Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC A powerful 6 minutes, that won an award for its storytelling. Suitable...

Holy Spirit: (5 min. video of the song by Francesca Battistelli)

A lovely hymn of praise that invokes and welcomes the Holy Spirit by Francesca Battistelli.

The Tech Ten Commandments

TIM WELCH The Ten Commandments help us turn away from sin and toward God. They were given to the Israelites in the midst of their...

“I’m Alive” – music video from Fr. Rob Galea

Fr Rob Galea is a priest with a gift for modern music. You might want to share his music with the youth you work...

Fr. Mike Schmitz on the Woman Woman movie and a Christian’s call to heroism

Suitable for high school age and older.

A hymn to Mary, in the wake of Notre Dame’s fire

Just push play and pray along. Suitable for all ages. Thank you to great film-making team at Spirit Juice Studios! Banner image credit: mattabbe / iStock 183305123

Keeping Advent in a Digital Age: Apps, websites, and activities

JONATHAN F. SULLIVAN Keeping an Advent season of attentive and joyful anticipation — amidst the secular celebration of Christmas all around us ­— is an...

Scripture-based, Online Community for Catholic Women

A Profile of Blessed is She BETH DAVIS Blessed is She answered the call heralded by St. John Paul II to “look to the future with...