Thursday, July 9, 2020

A hymn to Mary, in the wake of Notre Dame’s fire

Just push play and pray along. Suitable for all ages. Thank you to great film-making team at Spirit Juice Studios! Banner image credit: mattabbe / iStock 183305123

Podcasts and the Spiritual Life

Resources to Strengthen and Develop Your Prayer Kris McGregor While speaking to some U.S. bishops in 2011, Pope Benedict XVI said, “Only through ... interior renewal...

Advent Prep for Digital Disciples

Resources to enhance the Advent journey SR. CAROLINE CERVENY Prepare for the Nativity of Jesus using resources from the digital world that surrounds us. Enhance the...

Deliverer: (A 5 min. video of the song by Audrey Assad)

From Audrey Assad's album, Evergreen. Suitable for teens and adults.

Fr. Mike Schmitz on the Woman Woman movie and a Christian’s call to heroism

Suitable for high school age and older.

Remarkable Aerial Footage of Notre Dame in Paris (years before the 2019 fire)

Remarkable footage of Notre Dame in Paris, years before the 2019 fire. This video is courtesy of our French colleagues at Pèlerin, part of our...

Fun and informative: Ash Wednesday and Lent in 60 seconds — with LEGO

The Team at Trideo offers some fast-paced fun! Suitable for children in primary grades and above.

Now Go — a music video with lyrics from John Burland

From his album, All Are Welcome, Catholic recording artist John Burland says this song and the entire album was specifically written to support Catholic communities...