Thursday, February 29, 2024

A Family Together: Two Popes, Two Saints

This past April 27, Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II were canonized by Pope Francis. The two new saints came from very different backgrounds and accomplished different things in their lives, yet had much in common. Read these facts about each man. Then solve the puzzle to discover the most important thing they had in common. The bold words are clues.

Meditation Moment: In Tune with All Creation

by Jeanne Heiberg Dim lights and create as much quiet as possible. Slowly read this meditation, pausing between sentences. Saint Francis loved God and all...

Selecting a Patron Saint for Your Classroom

Picking a patron saint for your classroom can be a great way to engage students in learning and praying with the saints.

A Family Together: Who Wants to Be a Saint?

Use this activity to teach children about the lives of saints.

Celebrating Saint…John Neumann

Served Others Feast day: January 5

Think of God—Like the Saints

Sitting in the dentist's chair waiting to have a tooth pulled, I used my time to do some meditating from a favorite daily prayer guide. The title of that day's mediation was "The Golden Key." It said that when things get difficult, don't think of the difficulty. Think of God.

St. Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe

The objective of this activity is to learn about Our Lady of Guadalupe (whose feast day is December 12) and St. Juan Diego (whose feast day is December 9) and to have students retell the story with wooden-spoon puppets.

St. Martin of Tours – November 11

BY PATRICIA MATHSON FEAST DAY: NOVEMBER 11 Martin was a caring and compassionate person. One day he was riding his horse when he saw a beggar...

Celebrating Saints: Padre Pio—Sept. 23

Feast Day: September 23

Prayer to St. Joseph, Our Guide and Protector

Prepare your prayer space with a table display that includes a Bible; a small flag of your country; a parish bulletin; a picture of St. Joseph or a hammer or other tool; a picture of the Holy Family; and a lighted candle. Divide your group into two. Group One will read the summary from Scripture, and Group Two will reflect on it. All will respond "St. Joseph, pray for us."