Saturday, December 10, 2022

The Works of Mercy (video)

A lesson for any age. Only music with subtitles and depictions of each work of mercy. Suitable for students old enough to read.

A Family Together: Overcoming Temptation

Temptations can make our straight paths hard to navigate. But we can avoid temptations and stand firm for what we know is right by being alert from step to step.

A Real Steal

“You shall not steal.” (EXODUS 20:15) TERENCE HEGARTY “See, I told you it would be easy!” you heard Lee say. She startled you because you couldn’t...

Forgiving the Debtor Releases Both of You – (2-min. video)

Franciscan Media offers this short 2-minute testimony of an adult woman sharing about the profound benefits of forgiveness. Suitable for teens and adults. Image courtesy...

Free download: Praying with the Pope, October 2018, for the mission of religious

The Pope’s Prayer Intention for October 2018 The Mission of Religious Pray for men and women in religious life to be excited about spending time with people...

Giving Back: Our Catholic Faith in Action

Young and old, we are called to be saints. And since we realize our true selves through acts of love, it is critical for us, as catechists, to present the path of sanctity in ways that are attractive, relevant, and concrete to children.

Classroom of Compassion

Three ingredients that foster warmth and support CARRIE SOUKUP A sweet boy in my fourth-grade class turned to his classmates for prayer. “My mom has cancer.”...

Freedom of Religion explained in 90-seconds

A short, 90-second video clip from the Real Life Catholic TV series with Chris Stefanick. A very good summary on religious freedom, suitable for all...

Forward Pass for Values

Helping your students think critically about Super Bowl advertising and the halftime show can lead to a fruitful discussion about Christian values.

Peeps from Sheep: Animated video on Confession

Peeps from Sheep #4 - White as Wool from Catholics Come Home on Vimeo.