Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Learning Faith, Hope, and Love

Teaching your students about the theological virtues

How to Teach the Ten Commandments to Children

PEGGY WEBER When people think of the Ten Commandments, the words "covet" and "neighbor's wife" comes to mind—or the image of Charlton Heston holding two...

T.H.I.N.K. Before Posting, Texting, Snapping, or Viewing

A lesson plan on media mindfulness SR. NANCY USSELMANN, FSP With children as young as six years old today accessing the internet through smartphones, catechists and teachers...

Character Formation: The Foundation for Living the Beatitudes

Did you know that in order for a GPS to tell you where you are, it needs no fewer than three satellites to get a "fix" on your location? Christian morality isn't too different.

Promoting Life: Teaching the Fifth Commandment

Although it is important that our students learn the acts that violate the Fifth Commandment, it also is essential that they develop a reverence for life from its beginning until its natural end. We must help them find ways to affirm life as sacred at every stage and every age.

Forward Pass for Values

Helping your students think critically about Super Bowl advertising and the halftime show can lead to a fruitful discussion about Christian values.

A Family Together: Overcoming Temptation

Temptations can make our straight paths hard to navigate. But we can avoid temptations and stand firm for what we know is right by being alert from step to step.

“Death isn’t a period, it’s a comma.” – 2 min. video on death and...

The theme of death and our final victory in Christ is the subject of this 2-minute video, from Chris Stefanik at Real Life Catholic....

Classroom of Compassion

Three ingredients that foster warmth and support CARRIE SOUKUP A sweet boy in my fourth-grade class turned to his classmates for prayer. “My mom has cancer.”...

Encounters with Jesus: 50 ways to help facilitate that with children, youth, and adults

MARY LOU ROSIEN In the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA), three weeks are devoted to the scrutinies — dedicated to self-examination, rooting out...