Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Doing our Easter Duty

Michael Daley  It's not every day that you come across profound theological truths reading the sports page. Yet, this is just what happened to me...

Happy Easter!

From Your Friends at Catechist Magazine

Teaching When Kids Don’t Care — presented by Catholic Answers (Video 5-mins.)

Show host Cy Kellet and guest Chris Stephanick talk with a discouraged catechist who is a caller on Catholic Answers Live. If you've been...

Be a Hero in the Life of Your Students

In the years since the start of the new millennium, we have learned a lot about how to keep our children safe.

The Gift of Song

Teaching traditional Christmas songs, along with the stories that are enfolded in the lyrics, can turn out to be a favorite lesson each year. This is true, of course, for the songs of Advent and Lent.

Increasing Bible Literacy

Diving deeper into Scripture deepens our life with Christ PAT GOHN Increasing Bible literacy in our students ought to be one of our aims as catechists....

The Inspiration of John Henry Newman

Lessons we can learn from his life and teaching AARON T. MARTIN Although we don’t generally label John Henry Newman as a catechist, his life...

Be an Evangelizing Catechist!

As a catechist, you share the Good News of Christ with others.

Healing the Hearts of the Students You Serve

Jesus sends us on a healing mission JARED DEES Mother Teresa worked as a teacher in a Catholic school in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) for 20 years....

Learn to Love by Loving

A lesson for us all SUSIE LLOYD Overheard at a grocery store bakery … a mom is talking to her kids. “What kind of...