Friday, May 27, 2022

Reconciliation and First Eucharist Preparation: An evangelization opportunity

BY DAVID DZIENA A friend of mine (let’s call her “Jamie”) recently posted this question on Facebook: I am struggling with something. I am not...

A Robust Catholic Identity

By Joe Paprocki Overcoming the tendency toward a “beige Catholicism” One of my favorite ideas to borrow from Bishop Robert Barron, the auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles,...

The Catholic Commitment to Community

BY JOE PAPROCKI Third in a series on ways to instill a robust Catholic identity in those we teach Some years ago Verizon had a series...

From Boredom to Wonder: Learning the art of prayer at Mass 

By Timothy P. O’Malley Catechists have often heard the complaint that the Mass is boring. Children and teens express their boredom directly through yawns or...

Effective Teaching: The Catholic Language of Mystery

By Joe Paprocki How Catholics rely on sacramentality to transcend words What is your native tongue? If you’re Catholic, your true “native tongue” is a language...

Effective Teaching: The Catholic Language of Mystery—Our “Native Tongue”

How Catholics rely on sacramentality to transcend words

3 Easy-Breezy Ways to Become a Digital Catechist

by Caroline Cerveny, SSJ-TOSF, D.Min. We are surrounded by our digital tools: mobile phones, tablets, and so much more! Digital tools are a part...

Holy Spirit: Gift and Giver

Sometimes a new thought, face, object, sound, or experience will call those ideas back. But there is one Gift we can always count on to call them back when we really need them—the Gift of the Holy Spirit that descended on the Church at Pentecost.

Advice from Master Catechists—September 2012

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