What’s Your Catholic IQ? Test Your Bible Knowledge

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A Self-Assessment for Your Fun and Enlightenment

by David O’Brien

This quiz can help you, your students, and your students’ families review what you know about our Catholic faith

1. _________ was married to Abraham, the father of the faith for both Jews and Christians.


2. Only priests and nuns can read the Bible.


3. The first book in the Bible is called __________.


4. The first book in the New Testament is ____________.


5. Jewish people call the first five books of the Bible the __________.


6. The Virgin Mary wrote all the stories about Jesus that are found in the Gospels.


7. Jesus walked on __________ and invited Peter to do the same.


8. The pope wrote the Bible.


9. King __________ was famous for his wisdom.


10. “The Lord is my light and my _________, whom should I fear?”


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