Sunday, August 18, 2019

Remarkable Aerial Footage of Notre Dame in Paris (years before the 2019 fire)

Remarkable footage of Notre Dame in Paris, years before the 2019 fire. This video is courtesy of our French colleagues at Pèlerin, part of our...

A hymn to Mary, in the wake of Notre Dame’s fire

Just push play and pray along. Suitable for all ages. Thank you to great film-making team at Spirit Juice Studios! Banner image credit: mattabbe / iStock 183305123

5 Steps to a Good Confession (3-min. video)

From the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Fr. Alek Schrenk walk you through the steps of preparing for, and making a good confession in the sacrament...

A positive look at Lent, from Catholic Central (7-min. video)

A positive, and somewhat playful, look at Lent with the engaging hosts of Catholic Central. Good for older children, teens, and adults.

Lent and Fasting (a 6-min. video)

Tips and Reasons for Fasting for teens and adults. #lent <

Catholic Central presents “The Rosary” (6-min. video)

A fun, informative, history of the Rosary -- and more! Great for middleschoolers, teens, and adults.

What are the Practices of Lent? (6-min. video from WordOnFire.org)

Great summary from Bishop Barron on the basic spiritual practices we can accomplish during the penitential season of Lent. Good for teen and adults....

5 Rules for Life: Chris Stefanik from SEEK 2019 on finding and knowing joy

Chris Stefanik on joy and how you know Christian joy. Chris discusses how to kick self-loathing and begin to think with the mind of...

Pro-Life Issues in Catholic Teaching: 7-min. video from Catholic Central

The breadth of Pro-life issues in Catholic teaching. This is suitable for older children, teens, and adults.

Why We Have to Attend Mass and Receive Communion in a State of Grace...

Two lessons from Fr. Mike Schmitz: 1) Why we go to Mass, and 2) being reconciled with God before receiving communion. Suitable for teens...