“A Mother’s Communion”: A lovely song about motherhood, by Danielle Rose

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Catholic recording artist, Danielle Rose, with a lovely tribute to motherhood. Find the lyrics and more, below.

Lyrics from DanielleRose.com :

On the Eucharistic & sacrificial nature of motherhood.
(Luke 22:19-20; Song of Songs 5:1; Isaiah 55:1; Matthew 8:8; John 15:13)

Unexpected invitation, this new life that Iʼve received.
Iʼm afraid but I am willing; you have just changed everything.
You are silent, you are hidden, but look deep within and see:
Body, blood, and soul are present, living fully within me.
I am not worthy to receive this life,
But only say the world, I shall be healed.

This is my body, given up for you.
This is my blood, flowing from my heart into you.
He gave you life, O child within my womb.
We receive the gift of new life.
This is my body, given up for you.

Love will lead to liberation; thereʼs no greater love than this:
To lay down my life, to pay the real price for you, little friend.
Laboring in expectation, suffering to serve a feast.
My breast is bread, my milk is wine, for you to freely come receive.
I am not worthy to receive your life,
But only say the word, I shall be healed.

This is a motherʼs communion.
Sheʼs a chalice for her child.
Sheʼs a living tabernacle for the presence of God.
Each soul fashioned in His image,
On the cross for all He died,
So that not one little child might perish,
But all be born into eternal life.
We receive your life.


Photo courtesy of DanielleRose.com

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