Saturday, October 16, 2021

Scripture Prompts Craft

Help children memorize Bible verses with this Scripture craft SARA JONCKHEERE In an effort to bring different types of prayer into your classroom, try this craft...

Bringing Healing to a Wounded Church

BY JOHN BURGER Fr. Thomas Berg had just finished celebrating morning Mass. The faithful had left the church, and Fr. Berg was locking up. As...

A Real Steal

“You shall not steal.” (EXODUS 20:15) TERENCE HEGARTY “See, I told you it would be easy!” you heard Lee say. She startled you because you couldn’t...

Be an Authentic Witness

The truth of catechists’ lives confirms their message in the classroom

Aware of Grace Received

by Carrie Sallwasser I have a picture of grace on my smartphone. Oh, you don’t? Let me explain. Thirty-three years ago, I made the biggest...

Catechist Web Activity: Letter to Parents

by The staff of Catechist CLICK HERE to download a pdf of this letter (English and Spanish versions). Copyright 2015, Bayard, Inc. All rights...

Hearts and Hands Celebrate God’s Love

February celebrates St. Valentine's Day with hearts, flowers, and tokens of love. This month offers us another, more serious look at love as we enter into the Season of Lent. We are invited to reflect on how much God loves us.

A Family Together: On the Way to Bethlehem

This Bible activity will help your family prepare for Jesus' coming.