Monday, March 27, 2023

Living the Liturgical Year: Pentecost

Happy birthday to us! CONNIE CLARK You’re with your friends in an upstairs room when suddenly the whole house is filled with a noise “like...

Celebrating Saint Teresa of the Andes

Sister Teresa lived the Gospels each day. She loved God with all her heart. She was a joyful person who tried to show God’s love to others in every situation. She wrote in a letter that God was the joy of her life. We, too, can find joy in being God’s children.

What Catholics Should Know About the Liturgical Calendar – Lent and Easter

By Donna Frasier The Liturgical calendar, especially during Lent and Easter, invites individuals and families to form stronger bonds between themselves and God. We should...

Catholic I.Q.—Quiz Mash-Up: A little on Lent, a little on Youth Ministry

Fun facts about Lent and Youth Ministry DAVID O’BRIEN Here’s a 20-question mash-up quiz combining Lent and Youth Ministry. It contains sample questions such as: ______________...

At Home with the Easter Season

This is the season of lengthening daylight hours and the greening earth's growth and renewal.

Seeking Simplicity: Ideas for Lenten Activities

"'Tis a gift to be simple."

A Lenten Vocabulary

A Group Activity for the Family at Home or Your Class Family

Living the Liturgical Year: The Presentation of the Lord

Light up the world today! CONNIE CLARK Have you ever spent a night without electricity? It can be scary when the power goes out and...

The Meaning Behind the 12 Days of Christmas

We are still in the Christmas season! Some fun facts about the meaning behind the well-known Christmas carol, "The Twelve Days of Christmas," are found...

The Symbols of Christmas – a 3-min. video from Catholic Central

In this short 3-minute video, the good people at Catholic Central talk about Santa (St. Nicholas), Christmas trees, and the Creche. Suitable for older...