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Saints & Sacraments: John Vianney, a patron for Holy Orders

BARBARA YOFFIE The humble and holy St. John Vianney is one of the most beloved priests in the history of the Catholic Church. He...

Where Is God Moving?

How "What God is Doing Now" Leads to "What We Might do Next" BECKY GROTH Years ago, I attended a Bible study that focused on following...

Living the Liturgical Year: Feast of St. Nicholas, December 6

Let Your Generosity Shine — Like St. Nicholas! CONNIE CLARK In pictures, he often has a long beard and a red hat. It’s said that he...

Anointing Prayer Card

Send uplifting prayers and Bible verses to the sick SARA JONCKHEERE Help the parishioners in your church who are sick and receiving the Sacrament of Anointing...

‘And the Two Shall Become One’

To love as Christ loves his Church LYNN WEHNER Just how important is marriage to the kingdom of God? According to the Catechism of...

Seeing, Hearing, Experiencing: Sharing the Mysteries of the Triduum

Although the Triduum takes place over three days—counting from sundown to sundown, according to Jewish tradition, from Holy Thursday night to Easter Sunday evening—help your students begin to grasp that the Triduum is one three-day, continuous celebration. Unless we see these days as an organic whole, we miss their interconnectedness.

Celebrating Saints: Elizabeth of Trinity — November 8

PATRICIA MATHSON FEAST DAY: November 8 Elizabeth Catez lived in France with her mother, father, and younger sister. Her father was in the military. She was...

His Invitation, Our Response

"Let's get away, just the two of us." "Great! Where are we going?" "We are going to get away from it all. No TV. No computer. It will be just the two of us." "I can hardly wait to spend the time together! But where are we going?" "It's very remote. No internet. No cell phone." "It sounds wonderful! But where are we going?" "We are going to the desert." "Are you crazy?"

Out of the Desert: Through Crises of Faith

Those of us who serve as catechists, parish spiritual leaders, mentors, and guides need to pursue our own spiritual, catechetical, biblical, and theological formation to be able to address the questions, struggles, and ambiguities that our young people bring to us. This is not a time to waffle with weak responses that have not been tested within our own desert experiences. We are called to be salt and light for all those who seek to come out of the desert.

Teaching with Parodies — Singing aids learning and memorization of lessons

Sr. Nanette M. Zeimet, SND I have come to learn the value of music and poetry. Twenty years ago I taught my first religious education class....