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Prayers to Prepare for Confession Prayer Service

Seeking the proper disposition for a good examination of conscience MARC CARDARONELLA God has a soft spot for repentant sinners. This seems contrary to how we...

Celebrating Saint Marguerite d’Youville

Marguerite helped care for those who were sick and living in poverty. She shared God’s love with everyone, even with those who were against her.

Freedom of Religion explained in 90-seconds

A short, 90-second video clip from the Real Life Catholic TV series with Chris Stefanick. A very good summary on religious freedom, suitable for all...

The Letter and Spirit of the Law

The importance of the what and the why BECKY GROTH A guest on a radio program made a point that I’ve never forgotten: If all we...

Living the Liturgical Year: Feast of St. Nicholas, December 6

Let Your Generosity Shine — Like St. Nicholas! CONNIE CLARK In pictures, he often has a long beard and a red hat. It’s said that he...

Celebrating Saint André Bessette

Servant of Others Feast Day: January 6

Becoming a Beatitude Parish, School, and Neighborhood

The cultural norms that we see constantly glorified on TV, in movies, in popular music, and on YouTube and the internet are not making our jobs for creating a Beatitude community (culture) any easier.

A Teamwork Activity: Banana Surgery

A Teamwork Activity: Banana Surgery This funny activity will help your family or church group work together. Remember that games can be a kind of...

Teaching the Lord’s Prayer: “Thy Kingdom Come”

JAMES BLANKENSHIP “For God is king over all the earth; sing hymns of praise. God rules over the nations; God sits upon his holy throne.”...

You Have One Job

How to lead students to an encounter with Christ in class JARED DEES “You had one job” — a popular phrase and Internet meme that points...