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Teaching beyond Borders

I love my ministry as a mission educator.

Embracing Digital Media

BY ERIC GROTH Catechesis is the act of passing on the faith. While Wikipedia defines digital as “usually referring to something using digits, particularly binary...

Making the Mass More Meaningful

Bridging the gap between head and heart JARED DEES We have a two-part responsibility as catechists: We must educate the mind, but we must also inspire...

Bits O’ Wisdom: From Ashes to Easter

The essence of Lent is so much more than a dark smudge on the forehead.

The Year of Faith in a New Year

The start of a new year is often compared to the beginning of a journey--usually emotional or spiritual. This new year is special, as it includes the Church's celebration of the Year of Faith.

Three Bible Reading Tips from the YOUCAT

BY PAT GOHN The Catholic Church loves the Bible! Catholics call the Bible "God's Word" and "Sacred Scripture" because it is holy and contains what...

Promoting Life: Teaching the Fifth Commandment

Although it is important that our students learn the acts that violate the Fifth Commandment, it also is essential that they develop a reverence for life from its beginning until its natural end. We must help them find ways to affirm life as sacred at every stage and every age.

Stained-Glass Cross, a Lenten craft

BY JESSICA GORDON The penitential period of Lent and its fulfillment on Easter Sunday serve as an effective reminders to the faithful of the price...

Advent Activity for Dec. 12, Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Catechists: Use this activity to explore the themes of today’s Gospel with teens. A downloadable PDF of this page is available at the bottom of...

A Family Together: During Lent, During Easter

Each season of the Church Year has its own meaning, mood, and message. In this activity, you will discover how or why we celebrate the seasons of Lent and Easter.