Saturday, July 4, 2020

A Family Together: Children of God Activity Page

When we are baptized, we become children of God. As we grow, we learn more and more about what it means to be a child of God. We learn to think like a child of God, to speak like a child of God, and to act like a child of God. Discover some of the ways we behave as children of God. Above each number, place its corresponding letter. When you finish, on the lines below, write some other ways you show you are a child of God.

We Gather To Pray: An Advent Prayer Service

Pray with the four themes of the season MARC CARDARONELLA The catechetical challenge for Advent is that it’s not Christmas, but everyone around us acts like...

The Divine Praises – Sung by Matt Maher and Audrey Assad at WYD 2016

An easy version to sing along with... The Divine Praises sung by Matt Maher and Audrey Assad. Suitable for all ages, for prayer. Video is...

Complete-A-Project Bible Search: The Transfiguration of Jesus

This Complete-A-Project Bible Search Activity is for teacher and students (grades 4-6) working together.

Celebrating Saint Luigi Orione

Brought Hope to Others; Feast day: March 12

Teaching the Two Sides of Lent

As religious educators, we appreciate the value of projects that effectively address more than one classroom need at a time.

The Joy of a Clean Heart : A craft about Penance and Reconciliation

SARA JONCKHEERE Sin has a way of weighing us down and hardening our hearts. Children feel this too and need to be taught that the...

Advent Journey to Christmas

One of the loveliest images of Joseph is of him leading a donkey that is carrying Mary who is pregnant with Jesus. They are traveling from their home in Nazareth to Bethlehem. The journey made by Joseph and Mary may hold more spiritual gold and meaning than the census that caused it.

Catholic I.Q. — Catechesis and Catechists

Fun facts about our mission DAVID O’BRIEN Here’s a 20-question quiz on catechesis and catechists. It contains sample questions such as: The word catechesis literally means...

Paper Bag Prayer Book

Keep kids’ prayers organized SARA JONCKHEERE This paper bag prayer book serves as a prayer journal and helps students organize their prayers into memorized prayers, prayers...