Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Leading DRE: Improving Communications with Parents

A bridge for relationship and growth COLLEEN R. VERMEULEN As catechetical leaders, we experience firsthand the reality that “parents are the principal and first educators of...

4 tips for communicating with catechists

Reflecting on Jesus' examples of communicating with his disciples, here are four tips for communicating with catechists from parish catechetical leaders' experiences from around...

Tips for Highlighting Scripture (#NationalBibleWeek)

BY LORI DAHLHOFF In his Year of Faith address to catechists, Pope Francis said, "If we go out to bring his gospel with love, with...

Oh, for the Help of an Angel! The Art of Selecting Catechetical Materials

Marge heaved the large storage box out of the back of her vintage Volvo station wagon.

Five Ways to Use Manuals to the Max

Simply providing information does not necessarily assure faith formation. Similarly, simply providing a catechist with a manual does not necessarily assure that he or...

Advice from a Master Catechist: Handling Resentment

Q: Many of the catechists in our program use their own financial resources to purchase things for their classrooms and students. One catechist in...

Advice from Master Catechists—April/May 2012

Master Catechists answer questions from readers

End-of-Year Inventory

Piles of Bibles. Workbooks. Boxes of pens. Stacks of papers.

Three Steps Toward Catechist Formation

By James Blankenship A DRE shares the impact of Sherry Weddell’s 'Forming Intentional Disciples' on his approach to catechist formation “Go, therefore, and make disciples of...

V Encuentro (Official Video)