Tuesday, December 5, 2023

How to Start a Catechist Book and Media Club

One of the difficult things for volunteer catechists to do is find time to read catechetical or theological material. After all, catechists are busy people. They often have families, jobs, and household responsibilities, and, of course, they generously volunteer their time to be catechists. A book and media club might be one way to help catechists reflect on their experiences of faith. It might also be a way to help them develop a sense of community among themselves.

Oh, for the Help of an Angel! The Art of Selecting Catechetical Materials

Marge heaved the large storage box out of the back of her vintage Volvo station wagon.

Leading DRE: Communicating with Parish Leaders

From optional to optimal COLLEEN VERMEULEN Great to see you!” I exclaimed as I sat down for a cup of coffee with a fellow DRE from...

A Social Media Session for Parents

Be media mindful at home SR. NANCY USSELMANN, FSP What are parents to do? Smartphones and social media sites seemingly came into existence in the flash...

Five Ways to Use Manuals to the Max

Simply providing information does not necessarily assure faith formation. Similarly, simply providing a catechist with a manual does not necessarily assure that he or...

Webinar by Sr. Eileen McCann on St. Joseph

A wonderful webinar presentation for the Year of St. Joseph: Joseph, Dreamer or Believer—Is There a Difference? by Sr. Eileen McCann, CSJ   View using the video...

End-of-year Thank-You Prayer and Blessing

As our year's program comes to an end, we want to take time to thank those who have diligently labored, exercised patience, and modeled Christian love to share the Catholic faith with the children, teens, and adults participating in the parish education and faith formation programs. A nice party or a pretty thank-you card is not enough! This is a time for a significant blessing of those who have served your parish responsibly!

Training Disciple-Makers

BY JONATHAN F. SULLIVAN An apprentice is a novice student who learns under the tutelage of a master of an art or craft such as...

Keeping Our Kids and Ourselves Safe

Tips for those in catechetical ministries MARY LOU ROSIEN Those of us in catechetical ministry are all aware of the pressures that exist in working for...

Let the Party Continue!

Do the newly initiated deserve an extended period of hand-holding and deeper inquiry? Can the spirit of mystagogy pervade all of catechesis in your parish? Or, where you live, is it true that CCD really means communion, confirmation, done?