What’s your best teaching tip? 2018 Catechist Honors winners respond

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What’s your best teaching tip? 

A catechist must understand who their audience is, and adapt the presentation to ensure the message is understood as intended. Pray, asking for guidance that the Holy Spirit may work through you.

Dina Beach, Cincinnati, Ohio


My best teaching tip is to provide students with time to interact with their classmates and discuss ideas. For example, divide the class into teams to answer questions followed by a whole class discussion. I find that this keeps students engaged in class activities.

Margaret Hawkins, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey


Humbly realize and own the value you bring to your class.  Your loving presence is an opportunity for your class to encounter the living Christ.  Come prepared.  Invite the children into as much participation as possible.  Speak only when necessary.  Allow them to encounter Christ within themselves and each other by cultivating prayer in the classroom.  Model reverence and offer opportunities for reverence.  Catechesis is more about relationship with each other and the sacred than a lesson memorized

Anna Mae Parkhill, Park Ridge, Illinois


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