Living the Liturgical Year—Happy Birthday, Mary! (free downloadable activity)

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Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Sept. 8


You know when Jesus’ birthday is, but what about Mary’s? Does Mary get a birthday celebration? She sure does, and because Mary loves you so much, you’re invited to be a special guest!

The Church has traditionally celebrated Mary’s birth on September 8. Although you won’t find this date in the Bible, it’s part of the Church’s Sacred Tradition. Tradition is the way the Church, inspired by the Holy Spirit, hands down teachings that help us live as Jesus taught. So you can be pretty confident that when you celebrate his mom’s birthday, you are making Jesus happy, too!

We wish people a happy birthday with cards and letters. Why not wish Mary a happy birthday by greeting her in prayer? You might say a decade of the Rosary, or you can pray with Mary to her Son, Jesus. Another way we make people feel special on their birthdays is by singing to them. For Mary’s birthday, you could sing a beautiful hymn, such as “Immaculate Mary.” It goes like this:

Immaculate Mary, your
praises we sing.
You reign now in heaven
with Jesus our King.
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria!
Ave, Ave, Maria!

How about some decorations, too? You could place flowers at a Mary statue to show that you honor Mary. If you don’t have real flowers, Mary would probably love some homemade flowers that you’ve drawn or colored.

Let’s see — flowers, decorations, songs — what are we missing? The thing that will make
Mary’s birthday celebration really special is … love! The greatest gift we can give our loving
Mother Mary is to know and love her Son, Jesus. Remember that Jesus said, “Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.” Celebrate Mary’s birthday by being kind or by forgiving someone. That’s the best present you can give Mary, and it’s the best way to say, “Happy Birthday, Mary!”

Download the Puzzle here: Marypuzzle S2018

Download the answers to the puzzle (and additional activity) here: Mary puzzle answers S2018


Connie Clark is editor of Living Faith Kids, a quarterly magazine of daily Catholic devotions for children. To learn more, visit

This article was originally published in Catechist magazine, September 2018.

Image credit: Giotto di Bondone: Birth of the Virgin, public domain

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