Sunday, September 27, 2020

Can Catholics Celebrate Halloween? – a message from Life Teen

Share this with young people. The message is: Have wholesome fun, but avoid evil! Watch it and share it. Good for middle schoolers and...

5 Rules for Life: Chris Stefanik from SEEK 2019 on finding and knowing joy

Chris Stefanik on joy and how you know Christian joy. Chris discusses how to kick self-loathing and begin to think with the mind of...

“Lord, I Need You” – (Official Lyric Video, from Matt Maher)

For your inspiration. A perfect song for a prayer service, and suitable for all ages. Artist: Matt Maher Album: All The People Said Amen Watch Matt Maher...

Advent #ShareJesus: Be Watchful! Be Alert! (3 min. video)

The #ShareJesus series hosts a variety of speakers with credible messages that are easy to share in social media, or with students and other groups....

Interview with Dr. Peter Kreeft: Jesus, A Shocking Savior (28-min. video)

A few years back, renown author and professor of philosophy, Dr. Peter Kreeft, wrote a book, Jesus Shock. Learn about salvation and the most...

V Encuentro (Official Video)

Videos that Celebrate Catholicism

1. 2. 3. 4. Word on Fire trailer for the Catholicism film series. 5. We are Catholic.    

Peeps from Sheep: Ash Wednesday (2 minute animated video)

Peeps From Sheep #3 - Sheep Crossing from Catholics Come Home on Vimeo.