Saturday, April 4, 2020

Complete-A-Project Bible Search : What Belongs to Caesar, What Belongs to God

This Complete-A-Project Bible Search activity is for teacher and students (grades 4-6) working together.

Holy Days

A Family Together October 2011

Think of God—Like the Saints

Sitting in the dentist's chair waiting to have a tooth pulled, I used my time to do some meditating from a favorite daily prayer guide. The title of that day's mediation was "The Golden Key." It said that when things get difficult, don't think of the difficulty. Think of God.

Catholic Rhymes for Review

A Family Together

Celebrating Saint Emilie de Rodat: Loved God and Others

Feast Day: September 19

Is Jesus Here Today?

Calling the student roll is a well-established method for simultaneously counting heads and bringing a classroom to order. This simple act of taking attendance also can be crafted to prompt awareness of and conversation about the presence of Jesus in our daily lives.

The Joyful Mysteries

A Family Together

A Moral Compass: The Sermon on the Mount

Practical Strategies for Working with the 2010-2011 Catechist Formation Program

Why Saints?

Saints are found in every part of Catholic life. If we lose something we invoke St. Anthony.

Saint Christopher Seeks Jesus

There are many legends about St. Christopher (c. third century), but there is very little historical evidence of him.