Sunday, June 16, 2024

A 2-minute video on the gifts of priesthood

An inspiring message from the Archdiocese of New Orleans celebrating the gift of the priesthood. Use this simple message to promote vocations. Find more...

T.H.I.N.K. Before Posting, Texting, Snapping, or Viewing

A lesson plan on media mindfulness SR. NANCY USSELMANN, FSP With children as young as six years old today accessing the internet through smartphones, catechists and teachers...

Time for God – a reflection on the Third Commandment for middleschoolers

“Remember the sabbath day—keep it holy.” (EXODUS 20:8) BY TERENCE HEGARTY I always remember the Sabbath—mainly because my parents would never let me forget it. We...

Free download: Praying with the Pope, October 2018, for the mission of religious

The Pope’s Prayer Intention for October 2018 The Mission of Religious Pray for men and women in religious life to be excited about spending time with people...

Missionary Childhood Association and Catechist featured on Catholic TV

Thank you to Maureen Crowley Heil, who recently penned an article for Catechist on "Children on Mission." Maureen shared Catechist magazine in her recent interview about...

Learning Faith, Hope, and Love

Teaching your students about the theological virtues

Forward Pass for Values

Helping your students think critically about Super Bowl advertising and the halftime show can lead to a fruitful discussion about Christian values.

Promoting Life: Teaching the Fifth Commandment

Although it is important that our students learn the acts that violate the Fifth Commandment, it also is essential that they develop a reverence for life from its beginning until its natural end. We must help them find ways to affirm life as sacred at every stage and every age.

CATECHIST INDEPTH Catechesis and the Domestic Church

Forgiveness in the Domestic Church

Giving Back: Our Catholic Faith in Action

Young and old, we are called to be saints. And since we realize our true selves through acts of love, it is critical for us, as catechists, to present the path of sanctity in ways that are attractive, relevant, and concrete to children.