Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Marketing Your VBS

In order to make your parish VBS a success, you need participants to enjoy all the wonderful activities being planned!

Forgiveness Month

February can put us in touch with how we are not the people we hope to be, are meant to be.

Advice from Master Catechists—February 2011

What are the pros and cons of students meeting in catechists' homes? Should I make a change near the end of the year?

The Ladder of the Beatitudes II: Embracing the Challenge

Gregory of Nyssa imagined the Beatitudes as a staircase ascending toward God—each one needing to be fulfilled in order to take the next step.

For Your Vocation

Remember when you first felt the call to become a catechist?

Reaching Teens: It's Harder and Easier Than You Think

What Are You Working On?

Recruiting for Your VBS

Now is the time to recruit helping hands who are willing to pitch in and make vacation Bible school happen for your parish.

Destination: Vatican City—A Tour for Junior-High Students

Although the home of the worldwide Catholic Church is the Vatican, the only thing that most of our students know about this ancient yet very modern city is that it is where the pope lives.

Portrait and Promise of Discipleship

by Susan K. Sack For a more comprehensive Study Guide and Related Readings, see the end of this article. What does God want of you?...

Toot Your Own Horn!

Nobody likes a braggart.