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Learning year blessing procession

Catechist formation in the parish

You, your parish, your students, and RCIA

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Daily Reflection

Monday, Sep. 1

Reading: Luke 4:16-30
Drawing Near: In today’s Gospel, I face the fury of the people of Nazareth. Let your prayer today be one of peace expressed in your every word and deed.
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Bits o’ Wisdom

Child, Arise!

Editor in Chief Cullen Schippe encourages care and support for families that bear the heavy burdens of pediatric cancer. More.
A Family Together

Meeting New People

This reproducible activity helps students get the new year off with welcome and friendship by spotlighting Jesus’ fail-proof advice for meeting new people. More.

The Leading Edge

Start Anew with Christ

You can lead your team in putting and keeping Christ at the center of your program all year. More.

Here is a quick way to see how much you know about your Catholic faith. Circle the letter next to the word or phrase that correctly completes each statement. Then check your answers with the answer key that follows.   more...