Ukrainian Song of Prayer

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Please continue to pray for those in harm’s way in Ukraine and the many who have fled home and all things familiar to seek safety. Join us in praying also for those who are sheltering refugees, for world leaders, and for an end to this senseless war.

A member of our staff alerted us to this beautiful Ukrainian song of prayer and offered this translation for us to share here with you:

Prayer to God!

Again I raise my eyes to the blue sky,
And only in prayer do I find comfort in a sinful world,
When they put barriers and stones in my way,
Then I find the support of salvation in honest prayer.

Prayer to God is like a white-winged bird soaring into the sky,
Prayer to God is the wings of hope and faith and simplicity,
Prayer to God is a ray of sunshine on the land of dew,
Where two pray, there is God’s presence, the presence of Christ.

When I have neither the strength or the will and it is difficult for me,
Then I hurry to talk to you day and night,
You, Lord, see everything from heaven and know my destiny
and only to you do I come to pray and beg for peace.

Image credit: Jesus Cervantes/

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