More tips from 2018 Catechist Honors Winners

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What’s your best teaching tip?

We are a faith that is filled with stories. Use real-life experiences of your own, your family and friends, and the saints to bring to life our catechesis.

— Dan Schoenfelder, Bardstown, Kentucky


What’s your best teaching tip for a class of pre-schoolers? 

The attention span for 4-year-olds is short so I keep the class moving from one activity to the next in blocks of 10-15 minutes.

-– Marty Tabor, Crossville, Tennessee


What’s your best tip for those in youth ministry?

Duplicate yourself. It’s not a youth minister’s job to do all the teaching or develop relationships with all the teens. Forming a core team is essential, and forming parents as disciple-makers at home. It would be better to take a year off from solo ministry to develop a team than to flounder through it alone. I also encourage people to not work more than 3 nights a week!

Anna Steele-Kaminski, youth minister, Ames, Iowa


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