A Teamwork Activity: Banana Surgery

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A Teamwork Activity: Banana Surgery

This funny activity will help your family or church group work together. Remember that games can be a kind of prayer! We can offer any activity — even a game — to the Lord. God will accept our offering, bless it, and send his help to people in need all around the world.

What you need:

✱ 2-4 people (if your family or group has more than 4 people, split into smaller teams).

✱ A banana in its peel. With supervision, slice into round pieces (one banana per team).

✱ Banana “surgery” equipment: tape, toothpicks, yarn, rubber bands, etc.

How you play:

✱ Give each team the same choice of “surgery” equipment.

✱ Set a time limit.

✱ Work together with your team to put the banana back together.

✱ After the time runs out, test the strength of your reassembled banana.

✱ Hold it up by its stem.

✱ Slide it across the table.

✱ Place it in a plastic shopping bag or lunch bag and shake it 5 times.

When you are done: Discuss these reflection questions together

1. What was it like to work on a team?

✱ Did everyone agree the whole time?

✱ How did your team listen to different ideas?

2. Which was easier:

✱ Cutting the banana into slices?

✱ Or, repairing the banana?

3. If it’s easier to break things than to put them back together, list some ways we can treat people and things carefully, so as not to break them.


Editor’s note: This activity originally was part of an article written by Grace Mazza Urbanski, and has been modified for this post.

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