Pray at each class meeting!

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There are so many traditional Catholic prayers that young people need to know, so that’s very important to include them in your class meetings. But we can also custom-design prayers for each group.

Here are a few ideas to get you started…

Find a special Bible verse. Memorize it and pray it.

Sing a prayer that you create! (To the tune of Michael, Row the Boat Ashore: Jesus help us to learn today, Alleluia; teach us to love you every day, Alleluia…) Or use an easy hymn the church hymnal.

Read and pray one of the Psalms, or write one of your own. Older children can do this and share their prayers with the class.

Plan a birthday blessing prayer to be used for children having birthdays that month.

Pray a Thank-you Alphabet Prayer: “Thank you God for apples; thank you God for baseballs; thank you God for children; thank you God for daylight; thank you God for electricity…”

Echo a prayer by repeating phrases after a leader.

Pray a prayer from your parish patron saint — or write one for the class!

Never miss an opportunity to pray with your class, even if its a prayer that you pray spontaneously from the heart! Your heartfelt prayer for your students will bless them!



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