Pflaum Publishing Offers Resources that Support Eucharistic Revival

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This past June, the Bishops of the United States launched a three-year Eucharistic Revival within the United States. It will have many components both local and national. To learn more, the main website for all information is and Bayard, Inc. are joining in this revival with our prayers and by sharing our many spiritual resources. This is a the second in a series of articles that will bring you inspirational reading and resources on this important aspect of our Catholic faith. Read our earlier article.


Justin and Mia Discover the Treasure of the Mass 
By Anne-Isabelle Lacassaǵne and Isabelle Monnerot-Dumaine

On Sunday, Justin and Mia are taking a walk with their parents when they come to a church where a party seems to be starting. Curious, Justin and Mia step inside and meet Father Martin, who invites them to take part in the weekly celebration, saying, “Every Mass is like a treasure hunt.” Join Justin and Mia as they eagerly search for the treasure…and make the greatest discovery of all!

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The Sacrament of Eucharist: Celebrating the Gift of Jesus
By Anne-Sophie du Bouëtiez and Aurélie Abolivier 

Inside: For more than 2000 years, Christians have come together to relive the Lord’s holy meal. They thank God and feed on his Word and his Body and Blood in the Eucharist. The Sacrament of Eucharist: Celebrating the Gift of Jesus! explains the meaning of the Mass and gives its origins, anchored in the Old Testament. It also answers the questions of children who are preparing to make their First Holy Communion.

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Together in Jesus: First Eucharist Program
This curriculum offer lessons exploring the sacraments of initiation, the liturgical seasons, and the biblical stories of Zacchaeus, the loaves and the fish, and the Last Supper — drawing children into fuller and more active participation in the life of the Church. An easy-to-make First Eucharist booklet teaches the parts of the Mass and serves as a memento of the special event.

Plus, the 48-page teaching guide (sold separately) includes tips for getting organized plus step-by-step plans for each lesson. Annotated illustrations of the children’s handouts guarantee teaching directions will be easy to follow and lessons will be successful. Reproducible prayer rituals for each lesson reinforce the power of prayer in all that we do.

Discover all you get for $11.95 per student.

Also available in a Bilingual Spanish version.


My Family Activity and Memory Book

These new Family Activity and Memory Books extend the lessons of the Together in Jesus programs even further. Each book includes prayers to know and how to celebrate the sacrament instructions, and the last a memory page for each sacrament makes this a great keepsake for each child.

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Also available in Spanish.


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