Living the Liturgical Year — Good Friday (free downloadable activity)

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What’s So Good About Good Friday?


When you think of Jesus on the cross, you might feel sad. You might even feel a little scared or angry, especially on Good Friday, when we remember all that happened to Jesus before he died. It’s OK to feel this way. But remember that Jesus’ great sacrifice on the cross has saved us from the power of sin and death forever. On Good Friday, we remember that Jesus freely gave up his life for one reason: Jesus loves us. That is very good!

That’s why Christians spend time looking at the cross or the crucifix on Good Friday. But we don’t look at the crucifix the way we look at a piece of furniture or a decoration. We look at the crucifix in prayer, remembering Jesus’ love for us. (This is a good idea any time you look at the cross or crucifix.)

Here are some ways you can remember Jesus’ love on Good Friday:

Go to church. Mass is not celebrated on Good Friday, but many Catholics still spend time at church. We might take part in the Stations of the Cross, where we walk with Jesus in his suffering. We can also venerate the crucifix. This is when we stop and look at the crucifix in prayer and love, remembering all that Jesus has done for us.

Stay with Jesus. Between noon and three o’clock, spend some quiet time with Jesus. You might color pictures of Jesus, read a Bible story, or make a card for someone who’s sick. You could even do a chore around the house, such as emptying the dishwasher or cleaning a bathroom, as a small sacrifice for your family.

Grow something. On Good Friday, we look ahead with hope. Planting seeds and watching them grow into living plants is one way to remember that Jesus’ death is not the end. Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday gives us new life. That’s something good that really lasts forever!

Download the Puzzle here: CAT.March2018_LivingtheLiturgicalYear

Download the answers to the puzzle here: CAT.March2018.P51

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This article was originally published in Catechist magazine, March 2018.

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