Keeping Advent in a Digital Age

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Apps, Websites, and Activities Geared for the Season


Keeping an Advent season of attentive and joyful anticipation — amidst the secular celebration of Christmas all around us — is an annual struggle. Fortunately, there are resources you can find — or create! — that will help the faithful of your parish keep the Advent season, even in the midst of their busy lives.

Apps and Websites

In recent years a wide variety of digital Advent tools have been released online:

Busted Halo Advent videos: The Paulist Fathers have developed a number of Advent videos and digital activities collected on their Busted Halo site.

Confession: Many parishes hold special penance services during Advent. This app walks penitents through an examination of conscience and the prayers of the sacrament of Penance, making it ideal for those who have not frequented the sacrament in a long time.  

Arts & Faith: Loyola Press’ Arts & Faith series features short video reflections on works of art appropriate to the liturgical season. They are perfect for use in catechetical classes or sharing on parish social media sites.

Advent Conspiracy: This ecumenical website encourages churches and parishioners to resist the consumer Christmas mentality and focus on worship,
giving, and loving others.

Digital Projects

Thanks to the proliferation of digital tools, create your own digital media to share with your parishioners and communities:

Video reflections: Consider crafting short (3-5 minute) video reflections by having some trusted, well-spoken parishioners prepare reflections on why Advent is important to them, or share thoughts on the Sunday Gospel reading. Use your cell phone’s camera to record them. The resulting video can be uploaded to YouTube and shared on your parish website, email lists, and social media.

Advent music playlist: With the radio and shopping centers playing Christmas carols, it can be easy to forget the Church’s rich tradition of Advent hymns. A service like Spotify can create a playlist of Advent hymns and antiphons. Then share the link with your parishioners.

Liturgical social media banners: Let your social media presence and website reflect the liturgical season. Use a design website like to create banners for Facebook or Twitter with appropriate colors and images to remind your visitors of the season we are celebrating!


Editor’s Note: This article has been modified from its original length, as it contained some links that were no longer current.


Jonathan F. Sullivan serves as executive director of evangelization, education, and worship for the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana. He blogs on evangelization and catechesis at

This article was originally published in Catechist magazine, November/December 2017.

Photos: Halfpoint, istock and Dragana Gordic, Shutterstock

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