Dear Jesus…

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“Honor your father and your mother.” (EXODUS 20:12)


Dear Jesus,
I have now been grounded for a week! My parents are so unfair! Growing up can be pretty tough. I’m sorry to say that I don’t always get along with my parents.

You were a kid once. Did you ever have a hard time with your parents, Mary and Joseph? I’ve heard the stories about your childhood, and I know that you didn’t have an easy time! Being born in a manger; getting lost at age 12. More than once you and your Holy Family had to run from people who wanted to kill you! How did you deal with all of that

Sometimes I feel like my parents don’t care about me. They have these dumb rules! They say it’s because they love me. They tell me that they worry about me, but I think it’s because they still think I’m a baby!

Jesus, I try to always follow your example. Did you ever argue with your mother and father? It sure seems to me like most adults don’t understand kids. I get so frustrated sometimes. Why can’t I express my opinion without them telling me that I’m being disrespectful?

Jesus, I haven’t told anyone else this, but last week, I cried over how bad I treated my mother. I slammed my bedroom door in her face after arguing with her! I was so mad! Afterward, I just couldn’t bring myself to tell her how sorry I was. I guess that’s pride. Can you help me with that? That’s why I’m grounded.

I know that even Moses, one of the holiest men ever, was impatient once in the desert. But even after that, he was chosen by your Father to bring us the Ten Commandments. Please help me to keep those commandments, especially the fourth one. I have been having a hard time with that lately, even though I know the commandments were given to us because God loves us.

Even when I get frustrated and impatient, I guess I really do know that my parents love me, too. And I truly love them. I thank your Father, dear Jesus, for blessing me with a house to live in and for giving me and my parents what we need. Please help those who do not have food, shelter, or a happy family.

Please, Jesus, help me as I work to truly honor my father and my mother. Thank you.

Oh, and one more thing: Could you maybe send me someone who will take the dog out for his walks on these bitter cold days?


Your child


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This article was originally published in Catechist magazine, January 2017

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