COVID-19 Vaccines: Addressing Catholic Ethical Concerns

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As more and more people are invited to receive vaccines amidst this pandemic to protect themselves and others against the COVID-19 virus, more and more active discussion is taking place among Catholics as to whether they should choose to receive a vaccine, and also about how vaccines are researched and produced, and the bio-ethics concerns that surround their development.

Here is a short summary of informational resources: 

From the USCCB:

One: The USCCB offers Answers to Key Ethical Questions About COVID-19 Vaccines

Two: The USCCB recommends that Catholics urge pharmaceutical companies to stop using abortion-derived cell lines in the research and production of vaccines. 

For many people, this is the first time that the knowledge that certain pharmaceutical companies have included abortion-derived cell lines in their products. Unfortunately, many other vaccines and other health-related medicines have travelled this path historically.

Three: As many Catholics will choose to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in the current pandemic, Catholic bishops and bioethicists recommend that Catholics also raise awareness, as well as raise protest to the pharmaceutical manufacturers—and incentivize Catholic Universities and research facilities—to develop ethical alternatives. Sample templates for your use are here:
Letters to Pharmaceutical Companies (vaccine manufacturers)


From the Catholic Medical Association:

For another letter template to send to pharmaceutical companies, please see this link from the Catholic Medical Association. 


From the National Catholic BioEthics Center:

Points to Consider on COVID-19 Vaccines and Abortion-Derived Cell Lines. (Released March 30, 2021.)

Podcast: Bioethics on Air | Episode 58: Conscience and COVID-19 Vaccines



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